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How To Write A Press Release for a Lab in 2023

Among the effective ways to capture attention and draw more clients into your lab is by learning how to write a press release for a lab. Later, distributing your press release using relevant services allows you to tap into the virtual marketplace. This is a great campaign strategy if you are struggling to market your laboratory practice in the digital space.

Those who have been unsuccessfully campaigning using other techniques like PPC can progress by simply mastering how to create and distribute press releases.  It doesn’t cost a fortune to leverage a press release for marketing and the results are amazing. This strategy delivers results and, most importantly, it promises a positive return on investment.

How writing a press release for a lab can help

Reduce spending on traditional advertising

A good press release gives you a chance to reduce your spending on costly campaign techniques like PPC and Facebook Ads. We’re not saying that you can completely do without these strategies. Each strategy has its merits. By complementing your PPC ads and Facebook ads with a press release strategy, you can capture a wider audience without having to overdo it on the ads.

Reach both the media and the public

A press release helps you capture both media and public attention. It helps you capture media attention when you send it to media outlets. Later on, it helps you capture public attention when these media professionals publish it to their audience.

While press releases have been around for eons, the tried-and-tested press release is the foundation of all business campaigns. It’s even reliable in the modern world where social media is at the center of everything.

Thanks to the gradual evolution of the press release, you can effectively use a press release to target prospects in the digital space.

Make important announcements in an easy-to-digest format

Press releases allow businesses to distribute important announcements in an easily digestible form. And if you have no prior experience creating press releases, there are press release templates available online for any use case. These templates can give your business the best chance at generating media coverage – both online and offline.

Increase your SEO

Additionally, an optimised press release will help your laboratory’s social media pages, blog posts, and website rank well on Google.

Appearing on the first page and among the top three sites on Google search engine results pages (SERPs) means you’re getting good visibility. Potential clients are more likely to notice your lab once it has ranked on the first page of SERPs. Most importantly, they will consider you an authority in your field.

Now that we’ve talked about how a press release for a lab can help you, let’s talk about when you need a press release to share an announcement.

When do you need a press release for a lab?

Have you discovered something new during your scientific research in your lab? Are you implementing a new testing procedure? Or do you have a new security protocol that needs implementation? Sometimes, you might be looking for funding for a project or procuring new pieces of equipment. These are just a few instances when a press release can help your lab business share newsworthy announcements.

Should you hire experts?

You could be the top expert in your field, but it takes an entirely different set of skills to effectively promote a lab to the right audience. Keep in mind that your competition is also looking for ways to stand out in the market.

In order to ensure that you have a press release that will blow your competition out of the water, it might help to hire experts to write this press release. You will have a better competitive edge by doing this. As a result, your lab will rank at the top in local directories.

If you do decide to write your press release on your own, here are the steps you need to follow:

How to write a press release for a lab

Captivating headline: Create an attention-grabbing headline

Business URL: Provide a link to your laboratory’s official site

Your laboratory details: Describe your offers, services, research, and recent successes

Quote: Use a quote from a client or from the director

Dateline: Specify the desired publication date of the press release

Image: Provide a photo of your laboratory, working technician(s), or brand logo.

Boilerplate: Describe your laboratory briefly in a few lines. Thereafter, provide contact information and email addresses to help your clients reach you.

These are the critical elements that you must include in your press release. However, you must also format it correctly if you really want it to hit the mark. The template below will guide you on where everything needs to go. With this template, you only need to add information about your laboratory and that’s it.

Standard press release template

[Press Release Headline]

[City] State; Date of Release. You must indicate whether you would like to have the press release published at a future date or whether you would like to have it published immediately.

[Provide a Summary] Describe your announcement briefly.

[Add a quote] This quote can be from a client, lab owner, or laboratory manager. The quote must be relevant to the announcement.

[Additional paragraph] You can add another paragraph that sheds more light on the launch or announcement. This is also the part where you answer the five Ws (who, where, what, when, and why).

[Add another quote] Here you can write a quote that gives readers a better idea of what to expect from your lab. Alternatively, this can be another paragraph talking more about your lab, and highlighting your services.

[Add CTA] Provide a call to action that leads to further information for your readers. You can also add a URL link that serves the same purpose.

[Boilerplate] Add pertinent details about your lab, including its mission and achievements. At the end of it, you should add the following details:

  • Contact info
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Address info
  • Contact person

Final thoughts

Are you ready to boost the growth and reach of your laboratory? By mastering how to write a press release for a lab, you can do this easily. A press release might not seem like much, but with the right press release writing strategy, you can increase your online visibility and generate more leads. More importantly, getting a quality press release published in respected media outlets can do wonders for your credibility. Ultimately, the more credibility you have, the more likely clients are to trust you. And, since laboratories handle sensitive and personal information that can impact someone’s health, clients need to trust you before they pay for your services.


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