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Voicemod and Discord make a perfect match for each other. Voice changing tools are being used to a great extent by gamers and influencers all over the world. And Voicemod is a tool in addition to the best voice changer solutions list.

What is Voicemod?

It is mainly a free program that allows you to modify your voice while talking to other people. This tool allows you to make changes in real time and apply various effects. It also works as a soundboard, with which you can play around with various audio effects and create ready-to-use voice masks.

What does Voicemod do?

Tools like Voicemod are popular among gamers, YouTubers, and content creators. It allows you to integrate voice modifiers into your sounds, such as a chipmunk, a robot, a demon, a man, a woman, or anything. Voicemod can work with various streaming apps. It is compatible with games.

So for your next broadcast, you can quickly use a live voice changer and create your voice avatars for multiverse and metaverse platforms. You can record with Voicemod and edit the recorded video later.

Some of the call center employees who want to mask their original voice also use Voicemod. By changing their voice, they want to appear more audible to their customers.

Why do you need Voicemod on Discord?

Discord is a platform to communicate via text, voice, or video, creating a great community. And most of the people here want to be inconspicuous. For this purpose, they make use of voice changing tools like Voicemod. Some may want to hide their real gender and therefore add effects to their voices.

Whatever the reason, these tools have encouraged people to come up with creative things.

Let us now see how to use Voicemod on Discord on various devices.

Windows PC

If you think using Voicemod with Discord is pretty daunting, this will change your mind. And you just need to download the Voicemod tool and be ready to use it. Let’s see the step by step guide on how to use Voicemod with Discord on your Windows PC.

#1. Download Voice Mod: Visit the official website of Voicemod. You will see a “Get Voicemod for free” link. Click the link and it will ask you to sign in via a Google, Twitch, or Discord account. After login, the Voicemod setup files will be downloaded to your PC.

#2. Set up your microphone: Select the microphone you’ll use to input your voice.

#3. Select Voice Filters: Once you’ve selected input-output, it’s time to check multiple filters on your voice ahead of time. You will see new filters added to it daily. There is a limit of filters available for a free member. To enjoy all the filters, you can upgrade to a premium version.

#4. Voice Settings: You can connect Voicemod with Discord by opening your Discord account. Once open, go to settings. In the app settings, select ‘Voice and video’. Change the input device to ‘Voicemod Virtual Audio Device’ from ‘Default’.

Android Mobiles

Voicemod Controller is used with the PC application – Voicemod

#1. Open “Google Play Store” on your Android phone. Search for ‘Voicemod Desktop Driver’ in the search box and download the latest version.

#2. Once the app is downloaded, you can connect it to the Voicemod app on your desktop and use it as a remote control.

iOS Mobiles

Voicemod is available for iOS too. To use it on your iPhone, here are the steps you can follow:

#1. Open the Apple “App Store” and search for Voicemod Clips in the search box. Download and install the latest version.

#2. Open the Discord app on your iPhone and you will see a gear icon. touch it. Open the settings. Tap on the “Voice & Video” option. Select Voicemod as the input device option. In the output device option, select Headphones.

Best alternatives to Discord to talk while you play

Over time, Discord has become the quintessential tool for communication between gamers and for managing video game communities. With native applications on all kinds of platforms, Discord is a safe bet for talking with friends or fellow players while playing a game, although it’s not the only one and luckily there are alternatives.

However, for some reason you may not want to use Discord to talk while gaming, so we are going to go over the best Discord alternatives.


This tool is the closest thing to Discord when it comes to VoIP (voice over IP) software. It is also mainly focused on voice chats that happen while playing online role-playing video games, being a tool that has been used for years, although it did not reach the popularity of Discord.

Players can create their own virtual server (free for a maximum of 32 users/slots) to communicate by voice, since video requires an additional plugin. The software or application can be used free of charge from a PC through one of the thousands of TeamSpeak servers or through your own server. Unfortunately, there is no free version for mobile devices.


Slack is a tool specially designed to manage work teams, but what are teammates in a video game if not comrades in search of the same goal? In Slack rooms we can create different channels to bring together the members of a specific game class, the team that is going to play on a specific day, or whatever comes to mind.

The Slack app can be more useful as a substitute for the communities part of Discord than in the VoIP section, since there it only allows one-to-one calls in its free plan. If you have a paid workspace, it can be a great alternative, with up to 15 users in audio/video chat.


Mumble is another service quite similar to Discord and with great tradition, since it has been in existence for a decade as free VoIP software. It is also mainly focused on the gaming community, as a communication and collaboration tool for small teams when agreements need to be reached without video chat.

Mumble stands out for the encryption of conversations through TLS, UDP and AES and even the new versions of Mumble even use ECDHE and AES-GCM encryption for Perfect Forward Secrecy.

Another argument in its favor is the low latency (delay), which translates into great sound quality and can work alongside the most demanding games on your PC, since it requires very few computer resources to work.


If what we need is to contact our fellow players in the background, Skype can be a great solution, despite not explicitly offering functions to integrate with video games.

Through the tool you can make point-to-point video conferences, for cooperative games, as well as group video calls for up to 100 members, with options that can be useful such as file or screen sharing, if you want to show something interesting from a game on PC to your teammates.

Riot is a multiplatform application that we will find both on PC and on mobile devices and that allows us to create groups to communicate with several users at the same time, both by text, voice and video chat. One of the best alternatives to Discord whether we are going to play or not. Once it is configured and we are in the group, we can join without a limit of members, as well as share files. Your messages are encrypted from end to end and it is one of the services that those users who are concerned about security recommend. Riot is based on the Matrix protocol and is open source, while Discord is not. It can be an alternative if you are willing to try it and discover all its features.


Voicemod is an excellent program for desktop and mobile users. So, whether you are a player on Discord or a content creator, it can help you significantly in all cases. You can quickly transform your voice into applicable ones and create engaging content.

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