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How To Set Up Bots On Discord in 2023

By the end of 2022, Discord had more than 350 million registered members and more than 150 million active users per month. While it first served as a social game platform, it has since switched its emphasis to serving as an all-purpose chat and communication tool. Since November 2021, it has grown to be a highly well-liked platform for crypto and NFT enthusiasts to discuss the most recent advancements in the industry.

Employees and customers seek practical solutions, just as in other businesses. Discord is similar to other free chat apps in that it supports group audio and video calls. Even so, it stands out due to its ability to set up public and private servers that serve as the base for numerous communities throughout the world.

The availability of so many bots is one of the primary reasons why Discord has become such a well-liked platform in the gaming world. Users can perform a variety of tasks on the server by adding these Discord bots. These include community moderating, music and gameplay, video editing, and more. For admins, bots are an excellent tool for managing a company’s Discord server. Businesses that understand how to integrate Discord bots can establish a secure environment where users can chat, stream video games, make stickers, and do much more.

In this article, we will look at how to set up bots on Discord, but let us dive into the information and the functions they can perform.

What is Discord? 

Discord functions as an all-purpose chat app and provides free audio, video, and text messaging. Additionally, it’s a terrific location for online groups that focus on particular niches. The average number of users on a private Discord server is under 15. The founders have explained that this enables deeper connection and conversation. Online marketers are starting to recognize the possibilities that Discord offers as the platform continues attracting new communities.

Discord was created for online gamers as a free alternative to voice chat systems like TeamSpeak, Mumble, and Ventrilo. Voice over IP (VoIP) communication between members of gaming guilds and other groups is made more accessible by these services. Gamers use these services to play together rather than the voice communication facilities integrated into games, which are frequently of lesser quality and have fewer features.

The drawback is that most VoIP services need servers, which are frequently expensive. Some hosting firms throw in a complimentary VoIP server when someone rents a standard game server. Nevertheless, maintaining a TeamSpeak, Mumble, or Ventrilo server typically has a price.

A similar service is provided for free by Discord. Anyone can build a Discord server for free, download the Discord app for free, and register for a Discord account for free.

Discord Web Version vs. Discord Desktop Version 

Discord is accessible on most browsers as a web app. A desktop version is also available for download for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android users. Discord’s desktop and browser applications appear and function almost identically in every respect.

The desktop and browser versions of Discord differ in a few ways. For example, push-to-talk is always enabled on the desktop app. On the other hand, it is usually disabled while users are playing in the web app because it needs the browser window to be focused on functioning. Users of the desktop version can display their game to their friends. The absence of a download requirement is the main advantage of the web version. Without having to wait for anything to download and install, users may use it on any computer anywhere.

The web app is great since it lowers the barrier of entry, for instance, when users are playing a game with their friends and wish to invite an outside player into voice chat. If users use Discord frequently, the desktop version is a worthwhile download. Users have to download the software, make an account, and enter their server information to use a service like TeamSpeak or Mumble. On the other hand, players only need to click an invite link on Discord. If they don’t already have an account, all they need to do is enter a temporary account, and they’re good to go.

What are Discord Bots? 

On the Discord network, bots are among the most helpful tools. They are essentially AI (artificial intelligence) technologies. Marketers can use them for several automated tasks. They are essentially AI (artificial intelligence) technologies. For example, companies can deploy bots to moderate chats, welcome new users, and even prohibit individuals who violate the rules. This contributes to the development and upkeep of a vibrant online community. Additionally, businesses can use bots to upload memes, games, and music to their server.

In order to use them effectively, companies need to understand the appropriate bot types to use. There are numerous types, and each has a unique purpose. Some bot types improve user experience and foster a more active community. On the other hand, some bots might make the environment less user-friendly. This might ultimately discourage users. The server needs the appropriate bots depending on the company’s operations and marketing objectives. Businesses must conduct their due diligence and determine what suits them and the community they are targeting best.

Types of Discord Bots 

1) Moderation bots

This is unquestionably the most used Discord bot. A variety of tasks can be performed by moderation bots, such as welcome messages and graphics, account levels based on voice and text involvement, and anti-spam protection.

2) Music bots

Music bots are ideal for bringing positive energy to a Discord business channel. A music bot can be an excellent way to fill in the silence in a voice-based channel, whether users are chatting with friends, participating in a game, or working on a collaborative project.

3) Social bots

A social bot is quite helpful if businesses set up a Discord server to go along with their Twitch stream, YouTube channel, and other online accounts. The social bot will highlight special events and giveaways, shout out their social media handles, and send users regular reminders when their stream starts.

4) Fun bots

Fun bots can spice up a company’s server and provide some much-needed entertainment. For example, it can supply channel members with memes, channel numbers, reaction roles, and other things can be among them.

5) Utility bots

Companies can add utility bots for a variety of purposes, such as stock price prompts, birthday announcements, homework reminders, hydration reminders, and more.

6) Miscellaneous bots

Companies may find bots for nearly anything if they go down the rabbit hole. For example, companies can locate bots that perform text-to-speech, play roulette, describe patch notes, or quote their preferred anime, depending on the nature of their server.

How To Set Up Bots on Discord 

It may seem difficult to add bots to a server. However, Discord’s user-friendly interface makes this kind of task easier for businesses. Here are the steps to take when a business wants to add bots to its Discord server:

1) Find bots 

There are two ways to obtain bots. First, coders can create their own Discord bots that are tailored to their needs. In addition, numerous websites compile lists of the most well-liked and rated bots in the Discord community. The most popular resource for this is Top.GG, which enables users to look for particular tools.

The “Bots on Discord” and “Discord Bots” sites are two reputable sources for companies looking for bots to add to a brand-new or established server. It’s recommended to always pay close attention to the features and any additional setup instructions when choosing a bot.

2) Log into Discord 

Making sure the user is logged into Discord is the first step. This entails logging into both the standard desktop version of Discord and the Discord Web App and checking to ensure the account has loaded correctly in the browser.

To prevent the disclosure of login information to outside parties, it is always advisable to ensure that the connection is private and that two-factor authentication is turned on before signing into Discord. Discord users can also sign in via a QR code, which must be scanned using the app on a mobile device.

3) Invite bots 

It’s time to select a bot to add to a server after logging in to Discord on a desktop, mobile device, or web browser. When users select the “View” option on a bot, a page with general information about the bot is displayed. Next, check to see if the bot is online, indicating that it can be contacted and welcomed to a server.

Afterward, select “Invite” or “Add,” depending on which website was used to download the bot. This creates a new page with a big blue “Add to Discord” button. To confirm the choice of a bot, click the blue button.

4) Select the server

The servers that the bot can be added to are displayed in the following window. The choice of servers will determine how much control the user has over each of their servers. Keep in mind that a Discord bot cannot be welcomed to a server unless it has management privileges. Server owners will have the ability to invite bots automatically.

Select the server the bot should be invited to after making sure you have the required administrative rights and that the server admin is aware of what is being added.

5) Authorize the bot 

Discord will display all the abilities the bot will have once added to a new server once the server has been selected. Verify that the right server is still chosen in the drop-down option and examine the bot’s capabilities in detail to understand what it can access.

It is not advisable to attempt to employ any of the bots’ abilities because doing so will make them less useful on a server. It’s better to stop at this point if you don’t want to give a bot specific abilities or access to certain resources. Otherwise, use the bottom-right “Authorize” button.

6) Give the bot a role (optional) 

The bot ought to be on the server it was invited to at this point. It should show up in the right sidebar alongside other users and have a small bot-identification tag next to its name. Creating a brand-new role for the bot in the Server Settings menu is advised to organize the server.

When deciding the powers accessible to each role, make sure the bot still has access to all resources required for it to perform as intended. Multiple bots can be grouped under this category after a distinct bot role has been created to keep the server neat and organized.

7) Create a bot command channel (optional) 

The creation of a fresh text channel on the server is another easy quality-of-life function. It could go by the moniker bot-commands or bot-spam. Users will be sent to a specialized server to communicate with bots rather than flooding the main chat room.

To keep the server even freer of clutter and spam, if the bot is just for admin use, the channel can even be restricted to particular roles, such as admin and moderator roles. Although this is not required, many servers benefit greatly from it.

8) Communicate or set up the bot 

Since no two bots are the same, it’s crucial to read the descriptions of each one on their download pages. In addition, specific servers that the bot developers have set up contain more information. Joining such support servers is typically a good idea if any issues or inquiries need to be resolved.

Being a part of a support server is great for receiving news and updates. This is because bots will gradually be updated with new functionality. Bots will typically require the execution of a variety of commands to be activated, though. Therefore, almost all bots feature some sort of “help” command that will introduce you to all the available commands and explain what they do.

Top Discord Bots to Try for Your Business 

There are a huge variety of bots available. Each one has unique purposes and restrictions. Companies can easily find them and give them a try with a quick search. As previously said, a company’s marketing objectives ultimately determine what works best. Nevertheless, a few bots appear to have capabilities that are functional for the majority of consumers.

1) MEE6

One of the most helpful and versatile bots on Discord is MEE6. This bot’s best feature is the degree of customization businesses can employ for their commands. They can assign roles to users and deliver messages via the main channel or direct messages (DMs) with this bot. New users can also quickly set up automated welcome messages. Finally, they can utilize it to ban users who violate the server’s rules immediately. Companies can use this one bot to build several automated operations quickly.

2) ProBot

ProBot enables businesses to program automatic welcome messages for new users. As a result, whenever a brand-new member joins their server, they will be welcomed with a customized message. This is a fantastic chance to display a brand’s personality. The automated behavior method of this bot is another amazing feature. This feature can automatically identify undesirable activity and issue alerts. This enables businesses to set up tiered commands based on user behavior. These will begin with a strong warning and end with the user being kicked out if they continue to break the rules.

3) Dank Memer

Memes are gradually evolving into a very effective marketing strategy. Memes are a fun and inventive method to interact with a company’s customer base. Additionally, they are a quick and easy way to provide more amusement on their Discord server. Dank Memer is a currency and meme bot that can expand its server with many games and activities. Thanks to this excellent Discord bot, they have a vast list of commands. Simple images and memes of blackjack games that users can play versus an AI are all included in these commands.

4) Voicy 

Communication is essential while using Discord servers for marketing. There are several advantages to finding fresh and imaginative ways to interact with your internet audience. With more than 50,000 amusing sound clips available, Voicy is a Discord bot. Companies can look through the list and discover creative and entertaining methods to engage their community. Additionally, they frequently update and add fresh clips. Voicy is a bot for businesses searching for a clever and original solution to attract new users.

5) Community Hubs Beta 

This bot aims to improve how users connect across servers and even platforms. For example, it can be used by businesses to link a Discord server to a Hub room with additional channels. Users can communicate information between several areas in this way. This is an effective strategy for uniting internet groups. Additionally, it is a fantastic tool for marketers who want to connect with customers outside their specialized market.

The Future of Bots on Discord 

Over 3 million bots have been developed since the beginning and have sent 9.5 billion messages this year alone. Developers and bots created a thriving ecosystem that has become essential to the Discord experience.

For the longest time, Discord has strongly supported bots yet failed to adequately embrace them. The ecosystem has grown tall from grassroots and community support. Companies found novel ways to use features that were not originally designed with bots in mind and succeeded.

Discord’s plans for the bots of the future

According to Discord, they are aiming to help by building features specifically for bots. They plan to take some of those hacks, workarounds, and less-than-perfect UI and UX elements and give companies ways to polish and perfect them. They want to ensure that companies all stay safe on Discord so that everyone can fully enjoy what they make.

They are currently developing an entirely new method for bots and applications to communicate with Discord. Thanks to this innovation, it will be easier to utilize bots. They will appear as polished extensions of Discord for desktop, browser, and mobile users. Powerful new tools will be provided to developers to advance their work. It will be easier to convert brilliant thoughts into code.

Secondly, there will be more verified bots. Verification represents a significant advancement for Discord bots. It provides the safe foundation required by the business to enable additional functionality and developer visibility. After verification, enhancements that allow developers more control over Discord can be released. This allows them to promote the use of bots within Discord rather than having people search the internet. Furthermore, it implies that robots can safely become bigger and better than they are right now. Our top priority is safeguarding users’ privacy and security while also upholding their confidence. Discord wants to ensure that they maintain that as the bot ecosystem expands. As a result, they require verification for bots running on 100 or more servers. A company won’t be able to expand above 100 servers until its bot is verified. Likewise, their bot won’t be able to join any more servers if it is already present on more than 100 of them.


As we can see, a Discord bot may make creating and doing tasks on a channel easier for businesses that want to establish their brand name. They can use it to communicate images and play music, among other features and activities. Additionally, it can help manage their Discord channel while they are gone. With all of this in mind, you might want to stop wasting time on Skype and other chat services and start utilizing a Discord bot instead.


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