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How to Promote a Spa in 2023

According to the latest job report, the service sector is doing well and gradually recuperating following the worst effects of COVID-19. Considering how stressful the last few years have been, many people are eager to treat themselves to a spa date once in a while. After all, a bit of pampering might be exactly what you need to relieve the mental and physical stress from the last two years.

However, due to the two-year hiatus, it might be harder to connect with clients who might have moved on. When you add keeping up with your competition to this equation, it becomes even harder to promote a spa. After all, businesses in this industry are implementing robust marketing strategies that make it hard for others to stand out.

Luckily, with the help of the right promotional strategy, your spa business has a chance to make it in the industry. Let’s talk about how to promote a spa with strategies that have proven successful in the industry.

How to promote a spa

1) Reward referrals

A good way to not only retain your previous clientele but also grow it is by setting up a referral strategy. Essentially, you offer discounts for each new customer that a current customer refers to your business. In order to do this effectively, you should offer both the person who did the referring and the new client who was referred a discount. This encourages your loyal customers to spread the word about your services and saves you money that you would normally spend on traditional advertising. This is not to say that you should do away with traditional advertising entirely. Rather, it means that you should take advantage of referrals to complement your paid ads.

Keep in mind that word-of-mouth advertising of this kind is also more effective than traditional advertising. After all, people trust the opinions of people they know more than they trust your brand’s opinion. For this reason, people are more likely to convert into paying customers if one of your clients talks to them.

2) Do social media outreach

Social media is a valuable space to connect with both current and potential clients since we all live more of our lives on social media these days. Your social media outreach could be as simple as engaging in conversations with your followers or as complex as running a social media campaign. Keep in mind that while social media is great for paid ads, you can’t just use social media for marketing campaigns. More customers are looking for brands that are authentic and consistent. For this reason, you need to focus more on having honest conversations with your followers and posting consistently.

3) Write a spa press release

Besides being an effective marketing strategy, press releases are a cost-effective and powerful means of connecting with the media and getting them to write a bigger story about you. The goal of a spa press release is to get your spa featured in credible and respected media outlets. This includes local news publications with an existing and highly active target audience.

Do you know what the best part of writing a spa press release is? Well, press releases don’t cost much. This makes a spa press release a reliable choice for your business, especially if it’s struggling to establish its presence. If your press release gets published in the target media, prospective clients are bound to notice it. When they read your press release and then follow up with a visit to your social media pages or business website, your virtual presence will get a significant boost.

Since a press release comes with many benefits, it would be worth your while to write a spa press release. In fact, you’ll find that this is a surprisingly effective way to promote a spa. Do you know how to write a press release? If you need help with this, the following template can help you out. We’ve crafted it to guide you on what to do from the beginning to the end. Have a look:

What to include in your spa press release

  • Convincing headline
  • Your spa details
    • Name
    • Location
    • Indicate what services you are launching or the news you’re announcing
    • Provide suitable information that backs your announcement
    • Further details, for example, what services are you offering at your spa? Are your employees certified? What are the safety measures put in place to protect your clients? How should clients book a session?
    • Special promos or offers
  • Provide a quote from one of your satisfied customers
  • Include a suitable image. In this case, consider adding your portrait, business logo, or a picture of your spa or team
  • Business site URL
  • Dateline
  • Date of release
  • Boilerplate. Talk about your business as well as its achievements and qualifications
  • Contact details (phone, address, contact person)

Once you master each step in this list, writing a spa press release shouldn’t be difficult. However, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s easy either. Writing an effective press release is an intricate job that requires considerable time and energy investment. When you put the right time, energy, and skills into writing a press release, this press release will have the potential to boost the visibility of your spa. This will give your business a chance to stick out even in a competitive marketplace.

A press release template to follow when writing your spa press release

A release can serve various purposes in your business. For example, you can write it to announce a promotion, business launch, or event. In some cases, you can use it when making a major announcement or providing information on new services you’re launching. Even so, it takes a good press release to make your announcement visible to the target audience.

Having said that, the following are the steps you need to follow to create a noteworthy release.

[Press Release Headline]

[City] State; Date of Release (You must indicate whether the release should be published on a specific date or if you want it to be published immediately).

[Provide a Summary] Describe your announcement in a nutshell

[Add a quote] This quote can be from a client, the spa owner, or the manager. The quote must be relevant to the announcement.

[Additional paragraph] You can add another paragraph that sheds more light on the launch or announcement. This is also the part where you answer the five W questions. They include who, where, what, when, and why.

[Add another quote] Here you can write another quote that provides more insight into your announcement. Alternatively, this can be another paragraph to promote your spa and its services some more.

[Add CTA] Provide a call to action that leads to further information for your readers. You can also add a URL link that serves the same purpose.

[Boilerplate]  Give pertinent details about your business background and specialty. At the end of this section, you should add the following details:

  • Contact info
  • Address info
  • Contact person
  • Email address
  • Phone number

While you can use this template to promote a spa, you can also tweak it for use in other businesses. In other words, it’s a resourceful template for all kinds of official business announcements.

How to promote a spa: Your turn

With help from this guide, you can promote a spa effectively. It’s advisable to use all three strategies highlighted above, especially if you’ve been out of business for a while. After all, one strategy builds on another and eventually the cumulative effect can help you build a wider client base. Remember, the more visible your spa is in the public, the more target clients you can reach and attract.


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