Identifying a suitable blockchain PR agency for a project can be challenging as the number of possibilities for PR or marketing businesses expands by the day. This variety gives people more options. On the other hand, it also puts businesses at risk of hiring the wrong blockchain PR agency to handle their project.

Some blockchain projects raise millions of dollars, while others fail. Hiring the appropriate blockchain public relations firm is often the key to success. A good blockchain public relations firm should be able to launch a company’s idea in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, challenging the status quo and gaining attention.

What does a PR agency do? 

Public relations is a strategic communication procedure that strives to develop mutually beneficial connections between corporations or organizations and their target audiences.

A public relations agency will manage an organization or company’s reputation in various ways. The agency can use owned, earned, and paid media channels to handle press communications. Their key goals are reputation management and brand recognition. Other services include crisis management, media relations, social media, speech writing, press releases, event planning, outreach, market research, media training, and internal copywriting.

How Can a Blockchain PR Agency Help a Project? 

Blockchain has found several applications as a financial solution in many spaces. However, blockchain technology can also be applied in other industries, such as the real estate and energy industries.

There are so many applications for this innovative technology that even large corporations like Microsoft, Facebook, and IBM are beginning to collaborate with blockchain startups to grow the technology. However, let’s assume a company is developing a blockchain project. This project may require more than just capital and some inventive coding abilities to be successful. In addition to this, project developers should also be aware of how a PR agency can help.

1) Provides reliable information 

All blockchain transactions rely on accurate information. If a person, corporation, or organization wants to conduct transactions through blockchain, they must be able to verify who they are dealing with and whether their coins are genuine.

It can often be difficult for those who are new to cryptocurrency to determine whether individuals have been truthful about their credentials. Likewise, it can be challenging for businesses not listed on major exchanges to verify that their collaborators aren’t cheating them.

Companies that deal with an experienced blockchain PR agency have access to specialists who can assist them in crafting a message that will appeal to their target audience.

2) Builds relationships 

Many companies seek the services of a blockchain agency to market their project, but it is also critical to build a solid foundation of connections. Since public relations and marketing are all about connecting people, it will be much more difficult for businesses to succeed if they do not already have links with significant magazines or social media influencers.

Companies that hire a blockchain PR agency can learn who influences their sector. These influential figures can be journalists, bloggers, or social media stars. The more contacts they have, the easier it will be for the company to get news about their project published.

3) Builds trust 

The public’s faith in new blockchain projects is critical. Consumers and investors should be able to trust that a company’s claims regarding its product are accurate. For example, if someone intends to participate in a company’s initial coin offering (ICO), they want to be confident in its product.

Transparent communication will enable businesses to acquire the public’s trust and boost consumer confidence in their products and services. At the same time, a touch of vagueness can help develop even greater excitement over a project.

So, when should a company be vague, and when should they explain everything? It all depends on the company’s goals for themselves and their company/organization as a whole. However, too much mystery is usually a turn-off for most investors, especially at a time when they’re hesitant to invest. Vagueness only works for a limited time, after which blockchain developers need to do a big reveal and share the information they’ve been holding back.

4) Changes perspectives 

Companies should aim to change investor perspectives rather than simply presenting their project or product to investors. Rather than making a hard sell, they should consider why they are enthusiastic about what they are doing and how this blockchain solution might enhance people’s lives.

They should consider how this solution could be used to tackle a common problem everyone confronts, such as fraud. Once project developers know who they are talking to and identify these people’s pain points, it’s easy to communicate this message.

5) Educates an audience 

If project developers want people to invest in their crypto assets, they must educate these people on what they stand to gain by doing so.

The most obvious benefit will undoubtedly be financial gains. However, there will also be other essential improvements, such as increased transparency and lower expenses. Companies have discovered that demand and investment will follow as long as they can clearly articulate these benefits.

6) Influences key players in the blockchain community 

A blockchain agency can help businesses to reach out to prominent individuals in the blockchain ecosystem and identify essential players in their niche. These are crucial people for businesses to interact with since they have sway over how many others in their sphere of influence will see their project.

Connecting with them will attract the attention of social media influencers, journalists, potential investors, and even potential employees. It’s not always enough to be exceptional at what they do; being noticed by those who make things happen frequently also distinguishes a good project from a successful one.

Companies must adequately explain their vision. Once blockchain PR firms have identified all the key individuals who influence their projects, they will collaborate to create clear messaging that resonates with their target audiences.

7) Leverages social media channels 

Social media is the most effective approach for a blockchain company to gain attention, yet mastering these channels can be difficult. When someone first decides to follow a company on Facebook or Twitter (assuming they have a following), they typically have no idea who they are or what they do.

The company’s social media manager is responsible for introducing its brand in an engaging style that persuades followers to follow along with its posts. Companies should always experiment with new social media strategies and content types. Ultimately, what works best will depend on the company’s specific requirements.

8) Creates high-quality content 

A blockchain PR agency can assist with the content that a crypto project produces in three ways.

First and foremost, PR experts can ensure that the website is SEO-friendly. This means that all relevant people or bots looking for information about their company or its products should be able to find it effortlessly.

If the company does not have a website, they drastically limit the brand’s visibility and investor access to information. The website should also feature relevant keywords connected to the industry as well as the project itself. This way, people can quickly locate the project while searching on Google.

The higher a company ranks online, the more accessible it is to potential investors. In other words, a crypto company or project that ranks high can be regularly found by potential investors (or consumers). This translates into more exposure and a better reputation.

9) Builds effective PR campaigns

The blockchain and cryptocurrency markets are quite competitive, but an experienced PR agency will know the right tips and tricks to leverage. As a result, by partnering with the right PR agency, a crypto project can stand out.

10) Measures the success of a project 

As with any business endeavor, it is critical to establish goals and performance metrics early on. A good PR agency will know just the right metrics to focus on. Moreover, they will have the right tools to measure these metrics accurately.

The most important metrics for a crypto PR campaign include:

  • The number of unique visitors coming in from search results, social media sites, and referrals.
  • Increased visits from specific locations.
  • Overall time spent on site.
  • Bounce rate (how many people only visit one page and then leave).
  • View rate (the amount of time spent reading an individual page).
  • Conversion rates (how many people take the desired action, such as signing up for a newsletter).

How to find the right blockchain public relations agency 

Finding the top blockchain PR agency is as simple as asking around. One of the most dependable strategies for identifying trustworthy channels is word-of-mouth marketing. 92% of buyers will take a friend’s advice seriously.

As a result, businesses should look for crypto clients that have had a good experience with a blockchain PR agency. They should also try to recall any blockchain public relations initiatives they have witnessed in action.

If businesses are aware of any, this is a quick method to bypass a few steps and discover a good agency.

However, not everyone can think of multiple blockchain PR agencies right away. Businesses can search for agencies on Google and LinkedIn if this is the case. However, they must verify that all the companies have the following: knowledge of the blockchain community/space, comprehensive coverage reports, and objectives that align with their own.

1) Define your goals 

Companies will struggle to select the best public relations agency if they do not know what they want from their campaigns. To get the required results without unnecessary hassle, they must establish clear expectations with their PR agency. Once that is confirmed, the blockchain PR agency will develop a proposed course of action. Companies can choose the best option only when they have decided what articles they want to publish and what they want to achieve from the agency.

2) Make sure they know the space 

Any blockchain PR agency worth its salt must comprehend the blockchain community. A public relations agency that employs the same websites and strategies as everyone else won’t produce much value.

Blockchain public relations is not the same as traditional public relations, and an experienced agency will know this.

Furthermore, the best blockchain public relations agency should be able to develop backlinks for a company’s website. They accomplish this by using their blockchain community connections. They won’t be able to obtain a company’s backlink chances unless they understand the industry inside and out.

According to a GuerrillaBuzz study, the number of backlinks a website has can impact the amount of money they raise in an IDO.

Such facts emphasize the importance of understanding how the crypto space works.

3) Examine the agency’s coverage reports

Proof is a valuable currency to blockchain public relations firms. After all, how would they ever show their talents if they can’t prove their efficiency to a new client?

If the blockchain PR agency does not have easily accessible case studies, this is a glaring red flag.

Companies should investigate whether there are any case studies indicating their success. These should include actual statistics from past campaigns.

Case studies will also demonstrate the impact of a particular blockchain PR agency. Companies can measure their capacity to be effective with their campaign by creating a map of which publications PR agencies have been able to reach and which outlets they have contacts with.

Companies should also keep a watch out for reviews. While the evaluations on a PR agency’s website can be helpful, businesses should also check elsewhere. In this case, looking at sites like TrustPilot and using Google Search tools will be advantageous.

Ideally, businesses should ensure that the blockchain PR agency has enough social proof to back up their claims that they will do a good job.

4) Match your objectives and budget to their capabilities

Although a company may have chosen an excellent blockchain PR firm, many of them ignore a crucial consideration: a personal mismatch. This refers to a conflict between how they want the campaign planned and how the PR agency wants it structured.

Companies must make an appointment with their prospective agency. This will allow them to discuss their objectives, vision, and budget. If the agency that a company is interviewing is not excited about its idea, then this may not be the correct agency.

5) Write down questions to ask 

Companies should develop a list of blockchain questions to ask once they’ve performed preliminary research. Price, experience/expertise, previous clients, prior triumphs, and reviews/testimonials are all crucial factors to consider.

6) Hold meetings 

Blockchain project developers who are seeking PR services should request a meeting with agency teams before they sign up for a specific PR agency. Companies should also pay particular attention to the PR agency they have the most chemistry with since this will make their job much more manageable. Finally, following the meetings, they must compare their ideas and responses, from price to strategy.

8) Consider The Release Of Your ICO/STO/IEO

Companies who want to raise funds through an ICO, STO, or IEO must notify the PR agency in good time and choose campaign dates that work for them.

Many businesses make the mistake of hiring a blockchain public relations agency when their ICO launch date is only a few days or weeks away. This is not recommended for three reasons: it is too late, the work is of poor quality, and it is costly. Coordination of efforts with the agency from the beginning will boost the company’s chances of success.

Developing a solid angle for a project, something that would pique the interest of journalists, takes time. Companies cannot expect a public relations agency to secure valuable and impactful media coverage with only one week’s notice. The same principle holds for advertising campaigns and efforts to boost organic traffic. Even if businesses create SEO-optimized material, search engines will take their time to index it. Secondly, with less time to work on a project, the quality of work suffers, and businesses are likely to be left with subpar outcomes. Finally, because of the shorter delivery period, a public relations agency may charge more because the PR team must now prioritize this particular project above other clients’ projects.


The good news is that blockchain developers looking for a blockchain PR agency now have several options to choose from. The ideal way for businesses to choose a blockchain PR agency is to examine several service offerings and determine which one best suits the needs of their project. Once they’ve settled on a particular agency, they must also avoid rushing the work. This will only wind up costing more and reducing overall work quality.

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