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How to Announce a New Store Opening in 2023

If you want to announce a new store opening, then writing a new store opening press release would be an effective way to generate buzz beforehand. In order to do this effectively, you need to learn how to format a press release of this kind. For instance, you need to know how to craft the headline to ensure your press release captures attention. After all, earning positive media coverage is the ultimate goal.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to achieve this. Luckily, with this guide, you can learn how to draft the best release. In case you find the process overwhelming, there are many PR professionals who you can reach out to.

Elements that must be in your new store opening press release

  • Striking headline
  • Details of the new store, including:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Services/products
    • Launch date
    • Opening times
    • Store owner
    • Brand history
  • Quote from the store owner, manager, CEO, seller, or buyer
  • Relevant image – this could be the store photo, its logo, the owner or building
  • Business site URL
  • Release date
  • Dateline
  • Boilerplate – about the brand or store
  • Contact details
    • Phone
    • Store address
    • Contact person

Before you begin drafting the press release, consider the type of information you want to provide. Are you hosting a special event to launch the store? Are you offering discounts to your first few customers? Are you hosting a media-only event before you open the store to the public?

Once you have an idea what your announcement needs to focus on, then you can start shaping it into a noteworthy press release. Remember to keep your press release within 300-500 words if you want it to be digestible. Even when you have a lot to write about, providing too many details will leave your reader with their eyes glazed over.

Don’t overwhelm your readers with details. You should provide just enough information and point them in the right direction for more information if they’re curious. The right direction could be your landing page or a shopping app that you’ve developed. Leaving breadcrumbs of information for your reader to follow will ensure that you remain top of mind and that your readers have an easy time recalling your brand, even in the future.

How to wow your readers with your new store opening press release

Exciting your target audience with a press release might be challenging, but it’s far from impossible. With the following tips, you can make sure that your press release announcement appeals to your audience.

  • Keep it concise while covering the most important details
  • Highlight the needs your store is built to meet
  • Emphasise the previous experience of the team behind the store
  • Write in an engaging tone that will leave readers excited about visiting the store

In addition to these quick tips, you should also follow the guidelines below:

  • Avoid rambling on about details that won’t matter to the reader

Your press release must reel your readers in the moment they set their eyes on it. In order to achieve this, you must provide exciting information. You need something that prospective customers can relate to. Make sure you highlight the unique aspects of your store to give customers a reason to come to you rather than your competitors. Meanwhile, you should avoid common catchphrases that could turn prospective customers off.

Remember, the release provides you a chance to pique the reader’s community enough that they’ll visit your store. Therefore, you must take the necessary measures to motivate them.

  • Highlight your value proposition

In order to convert a potential customer into a paying customer, you need to provide your value proposition. This should be brief so that it can capture the readers’ trust and enhance the success rate of your release. Writing a compelling story isn’t hard. You just need to describe your brand by highlighting the inspiration behind it. In order to emphasise the value your store offers, it’s also important to highlight the problems you’re solving.

  • Optimise your new store opening press release

Did you know that a few adjustments to your release can make a big difference in how successful it is? Yes, it can. Optimising your press release for readers as well as the search engine algorithms will boost your visibility, traffic, conversion, and sales. For instance, if you are targeting a higher rank on Google to attract more traffic, you need to write a great brand description.

Furthermore, you need to conduct through keyword search. Incorporating high-ranking keywords into your release gives it a better chance of ranking well on Google. Besides the standard industry keywords, also look for common questions that target clients use to run searches on Google. Creating content that answers these questions will boost your online visibility even further..

When including the keywords, make sure you place the primary keyword in the headline. Thereafter, you can create secondary keywords and alternate them with the primary keyword in your content. The more you optimise your content, the more your visibility improves.

A press release template to announce your new store opening

With the right approach a boring “Come visit my new store” call to action into a powerful announcement. A press release offers you the opportunity to leave your readers wanting to know more about your business.

You don’t need luck to write an effective new store opening press release. Simply stick to the rules of press release writing and you will succeed. If you need help with this, you can use the following template:

(Press Release Headline)

(CITY) (STATE) Press Release Date: Concrete date or Instant release

(Summary): Succinctly describe your announcement

(Add a quote): The quote can come from a brand or company representative. Keep in mind that the source of the quote must be directly linked to the news.

(Extra Paragraph): Explain the announcement in detail for the reader to understand. This is where you should answer potential questions like who, when, what, where, and why.

(Additional Quote): This is an optional quote that touches on the store details.

(Details about the store opening date): This should include the address and time of opening.

(URL link and call-to-action): Tell the audience where to go for further information about the campaign.

(Boilerplate): Pertinent details about the business in 3-4 sentences. Under the boilerplate, make sure you provide the following.

  • Contact person:
  • Phone:
  • Address:

Ready to announce your new store opening with a new store opening press release?

With this guide, you can now write a press release that captures the attention of your target audience and generates a buzz in advance of your store opening. Simply follow the tips above, and watch the news about your new store opening spread.


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