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Hootsuite Software

Hootsuite is a social media management software based in the clouds. This tool can handle multiple social network accounts at the same time. Hootsuite helps businesses and organizations launch effective marketing campaigns, distribute targeted posts, and grow their audiences across different channels. With the help of its unique dashboard, your marketing team can collaborate when scheduling updates. The platform is suitable for social channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can use Hootsuite on your mobile phone, desktop, or web platforms. Thanks to its functionality, you can track your campaigns, get results and adjust your tactics across all these platforms.

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Software Overview

Social media has great potential if you’re looking to target a large marketplace. Since other businesses are aware of the potential that social media offers, the space is competitive.

Beating the competition is complicated enough before you even get to setting up all the social media networks that you need to be present on. After all, it’s not just about setting up an account on each platform – you also need to be active. As such, it pays to have a powerful social media management tool like Hootsuite.

This tool can help you manage your accounts and bring order to this chaotic space. It will help you launch remarkable campaigns, deliver a top-tier experience, and manage all your engagements with clients.

As mentioned earlier, this tool is a cloud-based solution for all social media management needs. It can help your business run all your social campaigns on various channels without straining. Whether you’re launching on YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram, this tool can manage all at once.

Furthermore, this tool plays a part when managing both free and paid social media campaigns. It will help you keep track of marketing efforts and provide you with valuable insight

Benefits of Using Hootsuite

Multi-language Support

The platform supports well-known languages to reduce language barriers when it comes to using this platform for global campaigns. Some of the supported languages include Italian, French, and Japanese.

High-grade Security

Enjoy full protection when you post your content on your social media accounts. This applies to both web-based and mobile accounts.

Personalized Reporting

It’s possible to create custom reports with access to insightful data.

Intelligent Analytics

With the insight you get from the platform data, you can improve your marketing approach.

Progress Tracking

You can enhance team productivity by tracking progress, reviewing responses, and delegating messages. Through progress tracking, you can also optimize your campaign strategies.

Multi-platform Connectivity

You can post updates, respond to comments, and engage followers on different social media platforms simultaneously. With the help of third-party programs like Evernote, Vimeo, Mailchimp, and Reddit you can also connect to audiences on different platforms.

Unified Social Campaigns

Hootsuite provides you with the ultimate convenience. You no longer have to switch between accounts to track the progress of your campaigns. It also saves you from the need to remember all your social media passwords because you can manage all your accounts in one place.

Product Features

Hootsuite comes with many useful features for social media management.

  • Content curation
  • Optimize delivery
  • Scheduling
  • Promotion
  • Monitoring or tracking
  • Analytics reports
  • Multiple updates in one move

Comprehensive online support.

Customer types:
  • Enterprise
  • Medium
  • Small businesses

Hootsuite Pricing

Manage all your social network accounts with any of these Hootsuite packages:


$ 49 / Month

• 30 days free trial • Supports one user • Accesses all your messages from the same inbox • Post scheduling • Unlimited posts • 10 social profiles


$ 129 / Month

• Maximum of 3 users • 20 social network accounts • Post scheduling • Unlimited posts • Access all your messages in the same inbox • Post assignment to team members • Custom permissions and roles


$ 739 / Month

• Maximum of 5 users • 35 social network accounts • Post scheduling • Unlimited posts • Custom permissions and roles • Access messages in the same inbox • Approval workflows • Customer support • Asset and content library • Outbound/ Inbound tagging • Post assignment to team members


This is the ultimate package with custom pricing. With the Enterprise package, you have a chance to pick the features you need to manage your accounts on various social networks. The features include:

• At least five users • Unlimited posts • At least 50 social networks accounts • Post scheduling • Custom permissions and roles • Reports on team productivity • Employee advocacy • Analytics and reporting on social ads • Management of social ads • Customer support • Outbound/inbound tagging • Approval workflows • Post assignment to team members • Messages in the same place

Hootsuite Awards

  • Quality Choice
  • Trusted Vendor
  • 2022 leading social media software
  • 2021 leading reputation management software
  • 2021 leading social media software
  • 2020 leading reputation management tool
  • 2017 leading social media software

The Bottom Line

Monitoring your social media profiles while engaging your clients simultaneously can be overwhelming. Doing it manually can consume valuable time and resources in your business. However, when you engage a social media management tool like Hootsuite, you’ll have more time and resources to invest in your marketing content instead. This tool provides you with a central platform for easy management of all your accounts.

You can also use Hootsuite to schedule updates and access insightful data. The platform provides an intuitive solution that makes it easy to schedule marketing content like articles. It also offers a collaboration tool your team can use for sharing ideas in the company.

Besides marketing your social media accounts, the tool helps you to garner a positive reputation for your brand. Thanks to Hootsuite, your business will have a powerful online presence and market authority. Subscribe to Hootsuite today if you want to manage your social media accounts efficiently.