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Hive Software

Productivity has been the subject of discussion over the previous decades. Business owners are wondering what hinders their efficiency. Whether you’re running a small business or a large business, you need tools to achieve your business goals and manage your projects. Hive software is among many tools you may need as a business owner.

Hive Logo

Software Overview

Hive is a resource project management tool for organizations of all sizes. With this tool, users can centralize activities and enhance efficient workflow. Additionally, the tool allows you to streamline your work environment to improve efficiency. The tool features a massive collection of templates to save time and money.

Hive was launched in 2015. Like every other SaaS tool, Hive software has been advancing since its launch. The software is continuously improved based on client feedback, with the main objective being to improve productivity across all organizations.

Benefits of Using Hive

Improved Project Flexibility

Due to its flexibility, the tool accommodates various protocols an organization may have. The tool reflects updates on all project views, so you won’t be left behind as a team member.

Automated Action Templates

The feature automates repetitive activities. You only need to lay out all the required steps to complete the task in an action template, which can then be used in task assignments.

Task Completion

All the information needed to accomplish project activities can be viewed by assigning members, file attachments, sub-action creations, and set dependencies. Additionally, members can monitor project progress and have others achieve the same through comments and mentions. Hive software also lets users view projects through labels, team members, or current status. The summary view is available for those who want the big picture across several projects.

Organized Projects

Hive software allows you to create to-do lists. Users can compile their assignments into the list, allowing them to view all the assignments across projects as well as their due dates.

Improved Communication and File Sharing

Hive software comes with a messaging feature, which enhances communication within the team. Team members can communicate directly through this feature. The messaging feature integrates with Slack, Zoom, and other third-party applications. The app can also be integrated with a Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox account to encourage file sharing.

Provides Insights through Predictive Analytics

The interactive dashboards have machine learning capabilities, which can help determine both weak and strong points of the workflow. Additionally, it helps identify activities that can reduce productivity among team members. The feature also helps identify inefficient points of the team workflow. The tool also provides real-time notifications, which helps prevent overbooking, late projects, and other issues. Moreover, the real-time notifications inform members of any productivity issues encountered.

Product Features

The following are some of Hive’s incredible features:

It can be intimidating to switch between different windows to achieve your goals. The tool features a single dashboard, which centralizes activities and aggregates approvals, plan development, and automation management. This saves you time and lets you manage and monitor all your project activities in one location.

Hive software lets you view your projects by configuring the central dashboard with calendars, tables, and portfolio views. The platform also helps you develop a comprehensive dashboard, which boosts productivity with clear work.

The system features an in-built chat client, allowing real-time communication with your team members. Employees can also discuss projects through file commenting. Additionally, they can use integrated email boxes to streamline communication histories for a more collaborative working experience. 

Hive software features a superb template library, allowing you to hit the ground running. The tool features templates for proposals, PR campaigns, social media calendars, etc. Users can access a full template list on one vendor’s website.     

The platform features analytical reports, which provide statistics, helping you make the right business decisions.

The software uses automation to streamline project activities. Through this automation, users can automate repetitive tasks to organize and improve workflow. Enabling automation helps you access the automation hub. This helps you customize your workflow and decide on the associated action cards.   

The feature also helps you set up repetitive tasks for activities you need to handle daily, weekly, or monthly. Thanks to the automations, you’ll get consistent reminders of those tasks.

Hive Pricing

Hive software provides three subscription plans. The system also offers a 14-day free trial.

Hive Solo

$ 0 / Month

Hive Teams

$ 16 / Month

Or $144 annually

Hive Enterprise

the prices are available upon request.

Hive Awards

On 22nd February 2022, Hive software was awarded as one of the G2’s 2022 best software. The tool was ranked 31st on the Best Collaboration and Product and Productivity products list.

The Bottom Line

Hive software is a flexible resource management tool that delivers several benefits. The tool comes with a template collection along with other features to enhance productivity.