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Goodmeetings Software

Goodmeetings is a cloud-based meeting platform designed to help businesses streamline the process of planning and managing their meetings. With its help, you can create a meeting agenda and collaborate with team members. Additionally, you can manage all your meeting schedules in one place.

The platform also provides tools for setting up virtual meetings, invite-only events, and much more. It also features a powerful reporting and analytics engine that helps you track and measure the effectiveness of your meetings. This allows you to make informed decisions about the best way to manage your meetings.

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Software Overview

With Goodmeetings you’ll be able to uncover trends in the data. With this tool, businesses can easily create, organize, and manage their meetings from one central dashboard.

Benefits of Using Goodmeetings

Increased Productivity

This tool is effective at streamlining the meeting process and making it easier to stay on track. As a result, your business is bound to have more productive meetings.

Improved Communication

Goodmeetings allows teams to communicate better by providing a centralized platform for sharing ideas and staying in touch. The platform also includes features like chat and messaging, which enable teams to quickly and easily communicate with each other.

Better Collaboration

Goodmeetings enables teams to share and collaborate on documents, notes, and other materials in real time.

Easier Organization

Goodmeetings helps organize meetings and keep track of tasks, projects, and agendas.

Time Savings

The platform helps reduce time spent on administrative tasks and allows teams to focus on important discussions and tasks.

Increased Engagement

Goodmeetings helps to create an engaging environment in which teams can come together and work collaboratively. Features like video conferencing, polls, and whiteboard tools make it easier to share ideas, get feedback, and stay up-to-date on project progress.

Comprehensive Features

This tool has powerful features that are split into seven different categories – publishing, engaging, collaboration, listening, shared calendar, audience, and measuring features. These features are built to handle all the business needs you may have, including responding to messages and scheduling posts. You can also use this tool to generate reports on your account’s metrics. With all the insight from this tool, you can make the best decisions for your business.

Enhanced Security

The tool is cloud-based and is built with end-to-end encryption and data protection. This ensures that all your data is kept safe and secure, and only the people who need access can view it.

Product Features

The following are the key features that make Goodmeetings stand out:

Reports and analytics are available to help you identify trends, performance issues, and potential areas for improvement.

The platform supports taking notes during meetings. You can also add action items to ensure that tasks are completed on time and progress is tracked.

You can share files during meetings with other participants, allowing teams to collaborate and work together in real time.

It allows you to book meeting rooms and resources, such as projectors and whiteboards, in advance to guarantee availability.

Automated reminders are sent to all meeting participants via email and SMS. This ensures they are informed and prepared for the meeting.

Goodmeetings provides a straightforward system for scheduling meetings. This includes the ability to set up recurring meetings and invite guests from outside the organization.

How it Works:

Goodmeetings is a comprehensive online platform that focuses on helping organizations and businesses manage their meetings better. It provides a range of features that help you to plan, organize, and manage your meetings efficiently. It also allows you to create and schedule meetings, as well as manage attendees, documents, and other related tasks.

What’s more, this tool offers many features to help organizations promote their meetings. They include customizing invitations, setting up polls, and providing reminders. Goodmeetings also provides analytics and reporting tools to help you track your meeting performance.

Thanks to this functionality, you can view detailed reports of your meetings and analyze their effectiveness. Finally, Goodmeetings offers an integrated chat feature that allows you to quickly and easily communicate with attendees during meetings. This allows for real-time collaboration and feedback, which helps ensure that all your meetings run smoothly.

Goodmeetings Pricing

Goodmeetings comes packaged in two subscription plans: 


$ 99 / Month

• Price per rep • Three devices per user • Standard CRM integration • Free trial


$ 125 / Month

• Price per rep • Personalized analytics report • Unlimited users • Custom branding • Dedicated support • Custom CRM integration

Goodmeetings Awards

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  • Quality Choice

The Bottom Line

Goodmeetings is a digital meeting platform designed to help businesses of all sizes increase productivity and efficiency. This software solution provides an easy-to-use and secure platform for virtual meetings, video conferencing, and more. It also offers many features that can be resourceful to your business.

Goodmeetings comes with a range of security and compliance features, such as secure encryption and data protection. By using Goodmeetings, your businesses can save time and money, as well as improve efficiency and collaboration.