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Freshsales Software

An efficient CRM tool can help you establish relationships with your prospects, track communication, and work smarter. CRM tools such as Freshsales are designed to replace spreadsheets, databases, and many other manual tasks. Freshsales is guaranteed to increase efficiency, manage time and improve customer satisfaction.   

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Software Overview

Freshsales is a software automation platform that allows businesses of all sizes to perform various tasks. The tool eases project management, provides market insights, and improves customer relationships. This platform is instrumental to organizations that depend on customised workflows for repetitive tasks. Moreover, Freshsales has exciting features that allow employees (teams) to create sales avenues based on factors like geographies and team processes. 

Benefits of Using FreshSales

Effective Email Tracking

This enables salespeople to identify who opens the emails and who doesn’t. Tracking also helps marketing teams to identify clients who are interested in specific products and follow up.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The app has a simple, clean, easy-to-use interface with a system that offers flexibility in the sales process. The platform also allows calls to be transferred directly, thus saving time. Moreover, the development team is responsive to user requests and updates the app regularly.


Freshsales supports integrations into multiple devices easily.

Product Features

Freshsales product features can be categorized into customization, productivity, communication, context, marketing automation, and pipeline management. Below is detailed information on each feature.

The Freshsales platform has customization tools that help adapt to how a business works. Some of the customization features include:

  • Custom fields that contain dates, text, and formula fields that help to collect and store information for different businesses.
  • Custom sales activities track interactions, log calls, and add notes.
  • Contact life cycle stages, this platform helps users to create their contact life cycle depending on the business process.

The Freshsales productivity features amplify sales, save time, and boost the team’s efficiency with automation. Some of the features include:

  • Task management to create tasks, reminders, and appointments. This helps employees not miss opportunities.
  • The sales sequences feature to automate sales actions such as emails, calls, and messages.
  • Workflow feature to automate tasks and processes using Freddy the AI. This reduces manual work and saves time.

The communication features such as emails, phone calls, WhatsApp business, and messages foster strong customer relationships. For instance, the platform delivers emails at pre-set times, and messages help businesses to interact with clients in real-time.

The context features give businesses an all-round view of their customers. Moreover, these features bring internal teams such as sales, support, and marketing together for a shared view of customer data. Below are some of the context features:

  • The details section comprehensively views customers’ contacts across modules, apps, and touchpoints.
  • The activity timeline helps businesses understand customer behavior across multiple channels in real-time and take action.
  • Highlight cards, highlights modules, activities, sales sequences, and last contacted information for insights.

Automating marketing efforts is essential. Freshsales helps find the target clientele and engages the audience. Features include:

  • Conversation rate optimization. This feature analyzes customers’ behavior and optimizes the business’s website for better conversations using heatmaps and session replay.
  • Marketing lists build new lists, import existing lists, and group a business’s contacts based on different campaigns.
  • Visual email builder designs emails from scratch using an intuitive drag-and-drop email builder. Additionally, it creates responsive emails effectively for multiple devices.

The pipeline management features help a business to scale up the sales ladder. Below are some features under this category:

  • Multiple sales pipelines to manage different sales teams and keep track of their deals. Freshsales also visualizes the sales process and creates pipelines with relevant deal stages.
  • A product catalog tracks a business’s expanding product and service catalog. It also enables the sales team to add products to the platform and auto-calculate, reducing manual errors.
  • Sale goals allow businesses to set goals based on closed deals and revenue.
  • Sales forecasting estimates future sales.

FreshSales Pricing

Freshsales should be your go-to platform for all sales and marketing needs. This platform helps businesses make calls, send emails, create custom reports, visualize deals pipelines, identify and prioritize deals, and automate repetitive tasks.


$ 0 / Month

Get sales teams organized and engage leads fast with built-in chat, email, and phone. • Contact & Account Management • Contact Lifecycle Stages • Built-in Chat, Email, & Phone • 24x5 Support via phone, chat, and email • Mobile App


$ 18 / Month

Or $15 per month, billed annually

• Powerful CRM automation to help growing sales teams avoid repetitive work and spend more time selling • Visual Sales Pipeline • AI-powered Contact Scoring • Sales Sequences • Up to 2,000 Bot Sessions/Month FREDDY • WhatsApp Business


$ 47 / Month

Or $39 per month, billed annually

• Everything you need to manage multiple sales teams and grow revenue like a pro • Multiple Sales Pipelines • Time-based Workflows • AI-powered Deal Insights & Next Best Action • Up to 3,000 Bot Sessions/Month FREDDY • Sales Teams & Territory Management


$ 83 / Month

Or $69 per month, billed annually

• CRM your way with advanced customization, governance, and controls • Custom Modules • AI-based Forecasting Insights • Audit Logs • Up to 5,000 Bot Sessions/Month FREDDY • Dedicated Account Manager

Freshsales Awards

Freshsales won the G2 Crowd best software awards in 2019 and ranked 1st on CRM software for small businesses.

The Bottom Line

Freshsales is an ideal solution for all your business sales and marketing needs. This platform helps businesses make calls, send emails, create custom reports, visualize deals pipelines, identify and prioritize deals, and automate repetitive tasks.