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FreshBooks is an accounting and invoicing software designed to deliver professional results. The developers behind FreshBooks believe financial record keeping should not be challenging. The process should be fast and informative to satisfy your accountants. The FreshBooks team developed this software to help businesses achieve professional results in the easiest way possible. The tool is easy to set up and has a simple and user-friendly interface. FreshBooks has also bagged numerous awards for its great customer service.

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Software Overview

FreshBooks is cloud-based accounting software that was founded in 2003. It is ideal for small to medium-sized companies. Many of its users claim that it is efficient in project management and time tracking, among other tasks. FreshBooks’ ease of use has attracted many clients. The tool has eliminated the need to process financial data manually, a process that is time-consuming and comes with a higher chance of errors. Moreover, FreshBooks is accessible through devices such as mobile phones and desktops. It is a modern accounting solution that is easy to use and performs basic accounting tasks such as invoicing, expense tracking, report reconciliation, and double entry accounting.

Benefits of Using FreshBooks

Billable Hours

FreshBooks has an effective time tracker that tracks the amount of time one spends on projects and correlates it to how much you should charge the client. Most business owners say that before using FreshBooks, they would undercharge for the services they provided. However, with this software, they can now effectively charge the right fees for their time, thus, maximizing profits.

Affordable Pricing

Unlike other accounting software, FreshBooks has reasonably affordable pricing ranging from 19 $-45$. The main difference in these packages is the number of users. Additionally, FreshBooks allows for a 30- day trial after signing up. Clients are not required to present a credit card during this free trial.

Simple and Intuitive interface

FreshBooks is easy to navigate and easy to understand. It can be integrated into mobile phone devices and computers.

Provides Payroll Information

Businesses can easily generate employees' payrolls using FreshBooks. Employees must enter their billable time using the FreshBooks mobile app. The software then synchronizes the payroll expenses.

Integration of Payment Processes

Unlike other software that requires manual integration of payable accounts, such as Pay Pal, Fresh Books has an automatic PayPal integration. What's more, small businesses that want to avoid the transaction charges by PayPal can use affordable and flexible Direct Merchant integration.

Product Features

Here are some of the FreshBooks incredible features: 

Fresh Books has an effective customer support team that is well versed with accounting software. Most clients compliment the customer service. One client said ”One thing I love about FreshBooks is how well-informed the customer service employees are. You do not have to wait to be transferred to another customer support expert.” This feature has led to FreshBooks winning an award for the best customer support.

As mentioned earlier, Fresh Books has an effective time tracker that takes billable hours into account. Businesses can set up a timer if the work is being done in real-time to get the exact amount of time spent, or they can add a manual time tracker after services have been completed. Another advantage of time tracking is that one can generate an invoice directly from the time tracker, thus, saving time preparing the invoice.

It is easy to create invoices with FreshBooks. The invoices are accurate and immediate. Additionally, one can customize the style, choose different currencies and set automatic invoice payment reminders. It is also easy to convert proposals into invoices. These invoices can be sent via email or shareable links that autofill emails.

Businesses can also send recurring invoices by creating templates that send them on a pre-determined schedule.

FreshBooks generates accounting reports. However, compared to other accounting software, it offers fewer reports. Some of the reports it offers are profit and loss, tax, and financial reports that help users prepare tax returns and monitor the growth of the business. These are deemed as the most reports crucial for any business.

Additional reports include profitability, retainer information, and time tracking.

FreshBooks allows businesses to attach photos or receipts to invoices. This makes it easier for the customers to view the products bought for their projects.

FreshBooks Pricing

FreshBooks’ pricing is cheap compared to other accounting software. It ranges from 19 $ -45$. The difference in pricing is determined by the number of people using it simultaneously. The FreshBooks team can also create a customized plan if a business owner needs extra features. Moreover, customers get a monthly discount if they commit to an annual plan.

Below is a breakdown of services in each plan:


$ 4.50 / Month

• Send unlimited invoices to up to 5 Clients • Track unlimited expenses • Get paid via credit card and bank transfers • Track sales and tax reports


$ 9.00 / Month

• Send unlimited invoices to up to 50 Clients • Send unlimited estimates • Access anywhere on iOS and Android • Get paid via credit card and bank transfers


$ 16.50 / Month

• Send unlimited invoices to an unlimited amount of clients • Track bills, bill payments, and vendors with accounts payable • Track project profitability • Customize email templates using dynamic fields • Automatically capture bills and receipt data • Send unlimited estimates and proposals • Get paid with checkout links • Mobile mileage tracking

FreshBooks Awards

Freshbooks has won several awards, including Customers Service Training of the Year, Young Customer Service Professional of Year, and Best Use of Technology in Customer Service.

The Bottom Line

FreshBooks is a good software for small to medium-sized businesses that want to run their accounts effectively. However, it has limited features, such as layouts that cannot be customized. Additionally, it lacks other advanced inventory features, thus, limiting its competitiveness with other cloud-based accounting software. Generally, FreshBooks is easy-to-navigate accounting software. With its cheap pricing, the tool offers value for one’s money. With several positive reviews, we can also conclude that FreshBooks meets clients’ expectations.