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Flipsnack Software

Flipsnack is a cloud-based tool designed to help you create and upload several kinds of publications simultaneously. With this publishing tool, you can design your own catalogs, magazines, brochures, reports, flyers, etc. Additionally, the tool allows you to publish your PDF file using a PDF converter.   

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Software Overview

This platform allows users to create interactive digital publications such as catalogs, brochures, flyers, and magazines. It has several features that help users to create videos, audio, and GIFs.These features enhance the client’s understanding of a product or service. The creative content formats in Flipsnack make for a more engaging and memorable message that the client is bound to appreciate. Flipsnack is ideal for all businesses. It is intuitive and can be easily integrated into other applications. This app is unique, easy to use, and password protected. It also has personal branding and advanced design flip tools that give a more personalized touch. 

Benefits of Using Flipsnack

User-friendly Interface

Flipsnack is a fun and easy-to-use digital platform that creates Flipbooks. It has a variety of templates that enable smooth content creation and publication, all from a single interface. Additionally, users claim that it is easy to import PDFs and transform them into flipbooks.

Interactive Platform

Flipsnack has interactive features such as tags that allow readers to add their thoughts on a certain product or piece of news. Additionally, it comes with forms and surveys that consumers can fill. This makes consumers feel involved and adds a personal touch to the flipbooks. It also has an ‘’Add to Cart’’ option where users can add products they want to purchase in the near future.

Customization Features

Flipsnack allows users to customize publications. It has ready-made templates and customizable fonts and colors that allow publishers to create their content. Additionally, one can remove the Flipsnack watermark and replace it with brand logos.

Password-protected Sharing

Information on Flipsnack is secure. Individuals can also share publications such as brochures and magazines publicly to social media platforms, emails, or via URLs without experiencing a security breach.


Flipsnack is affordable and has several pricing plans that cater to different businesses with different needs and goals. These plans include the free plan, starter plan, enterprise plan, business plan, and organization plan. Each plan comes with a monthly subscription and offer different services for users.

Flipsnack can be Integrated into Multiple Devices

Flipsnack uses HTML technology, making flipbooks accessible on devices such as mobile phones. Readers can use search words to find the content they enjoy through their phones and tablets.

Improves the Appearance of PDF Files

The flipbooks on Flipsnack offer several design options that increase the visual appearance of PDF publications. Users can all add eye-catching photos to capture the readers’ attention. Additionally, flipbooks have a variety of formats that help customize files.

Flipbooks are Easy to Share

This feature significantly reduces the cost of branding and marketing. Users can share flipbooks via URL links, bulk emails, or social media. Additionally, flipbooks do not need to be printed or physically distributed, thus, minimizing cost. Moreover, edits can be done at any time.

Flipbooks Are SEO Optimized

Flipsnack has inbuilt SEO optimization that increases viewership, page rating, and indexing. Additionally, users can customize keywords, page titles, and descriptions that help the flipbooks to rank highly on Google searches.

Insightful Analytics

Flipsnack has both integrated Google analytics and inbuilt analysis tools. These tools give business owners a better idea of their products' performance, their niche, and where to increase their marketing.

Flipbooks Support Audio-Visual Material

Unlike PDFs, Flipsnack embeds videos from Youtube and Vimeo into the flipbooks. These videos give more information about a product. They also help consumers understand a product and increase their chances of buying it.

Flipsnack is Easy to Use

As mentioned earlier, Flipsnack uses the HTML 5 system. Therefore, PDFs can be uploaded into flipbooks. From there, they can easily be edited and customized by adding videos, colors, and a logo.

Product Features

Flipsnack has several key features that ensure its efficacy in digital content creation.

A design studio creates catalogs, brochures, magazines, with drag-and-drop design tools and advanced editing tools. You can also use these tools to edit more complex content such as ebooks.

The workspace allows users to work on a specific project. This space helps separate projects instead of restricting users to a single Flipsnack project at a time. The workspace contains a public profile, the number of users, flipbooks used in that workspace, and branding options.

Flipsnack comes with a variety of free and ready-to-use templates. However, it also allows users to customize their templates by starting from scratch to create the perfect template for their target audience.

This app has guides that produce symmetrical and accurate designs using grids, rulers, and smart guides.

Flipsnack has more editing tools than other cataloging apps. Users can select several elements on a page and edit them simultaneously. It is advisable to lock edits on the page after achieving the desired product or look. Finally, one can crop, edit, and mask the images with the photo editor.

Flipsnack users are free to add, move, or hide pages from the flipbooks using the menu that appears on the right side of any content created.

Consumers can save completed work in PDF form and print it to make an actual book.

Flipsnack has product tags and links that allow consumers to buy directly.

Branding is a feature that allows users to customize brand colors, fonts, and typography, giving that personal touch to digital flipbooks such as magazines, brochures, and catalogs. Additionally, One can remove the vendor’s branding and replace it with customized branding to preserve the client’s identity.

Flipsnack has a section where one can attach videos, audio, or GIFs.One can either add self-generated videos or videos from Youtube. This feature helps clients better understand the products and choose the products they resonate with more.

With the annotations, users can add tags or additional product information on the page. This helps increase interaction between the service provider and their clients. 

Flipsnack provides links and buttons where one can insert website links.

Flipsnack comes with analytics tools that track the performance of the flipbooks. In this way, you can identify what content resonates more with the consumers, the target audience, and the peak hours. This helps you identify a niche and and improve your marketing strategy.

Embedding makes it easy for users to integrate flipbooks into websites. Flipsnack uses HTML 5 technology for embedding URLs, GIFs, and Videos.

Business owners can now sell magazines and brochures on the Flipnack platform. Flipsnack has a preview option where the owners have control of the preview content. They also have control of the pricing of the magazine. Readers can purchase these magazines after looking at the preview.

Flipsnack makes it easier for publishers by scheduling publishing dates. As soon as the PDF is uploaded, Flipsnack automatically publishes the magazines on the appointed date. This is an effective and time-saving way to publish content.

Flipsnack Pricing

Flipsnack caters to different audiences with several pricing plans to serve various needs.


$ 0 / Month

Ideal for users who want to experiment and get a gist of Flip Snack.

Users can create up to 3 flipbooks either by designing them from scratch using the Design studio or by uploading PDFs. The Free plan also allows sharing flipbooks via email or social media platforms. However, this plan has several limitations:

• Users cannot create and save their templates • One cannot export their designs as PDFs • It does not allow the customers to download flipbooks in PDF format • Users cannot customize fonts.


$ 210 / Month

The enterprise plan is perfect for companies and agencies that require several users on each account. That is, multiple business accounts that are connected.

The users can see and edit flipbooks and collaborate as a team. Other features include; • Allows up to 1000 flipbooks • Allows up to 10 users per account • It gives the option to send branded emails through the Flip Snack platform • Users have access to the Flip Snack automation features that allow retailers and wholesalers to connect • Users are at liberty to use all custom features that help to white label URLs on Flip Snack • Gives access to the shopping list feature • Has a dedicated account manager’ • Allows users to remove Flip Snack’s header and footer and customize them • Users can upload videos, audio, and GIFs


$ 14 / Month

The starter plan is ideal for publishing and sharing.

• Billed yearly • It allows for one user and up to 10 catalogs in a workspace • This plan allows users to publish privately • Allows the audience to download PDFs • Users can remove the Flipsnack watermark and replace it with their own. However, one cannot add Youtube or Vimeo videos.


Custom pricing available on request.

The organization plan is ideal for companies with multiple branches. It is useful for centralized team management.

• This plan offers unlimited flipbooks • It also allows for unlimited users • Allows for multiple teams and workspaces • Has various custom integrations • It has a management feature gives the company's head control over the branding and how the members or employees use Flipsnack.This feature also helps restrict members' access to some features • Users can create master templates • Templates can be shared among teams • Allows for sharing of content to other social media platforms • Flipbooks are password protected


$ 35 / Month

The professional plan is ideal for publishing, branding, and analyzing content.

• It allows for one user and more than one workspace. • Users can add customizable colors and fonts depending on their branding needs. • It also allows publishers to sell magazines as single issues • Users can add videos, GIFs, and URL links to their content • This plan also includes reports on how catalogs are performing in terms of views, target audience, and number of downloads. Additionally, it has Google analytics integration • It allows up to 50 publications and up to 200 pages of a publication • Gives access to the virtual bookshelf


$ 79 / Month

The Business plan is ideal for large-sized companies and corporations.

• It allows up to 500 flipbooks • The flipbooks are password protected • It has an extra feature; the team management feature • Gives full access to all customization options in the Design Studio • This plan also comes with the option to download statistics • It has interactive features such as Add to cart, surveys, and forms that readers can fill out to give feedback and purchase products.

Flipsnack Awards

Flipsnack is a versatile software solution that suits all businesses. As a result, it has gained traction and is highly recommended by its users. Most users have given a 5-star review and are satisfied with Flipsnack’s operations.

The Bottom Line

Flipsnack is a cloud-based cataloguing software that is perfect for creating and publishing digital publications into flipbooks. These books are interactive, creative, and entertaining. The designers of this application identified a niche in the market that helps business owners advertise their products and interact with their audience through flipbooks. People can now publish and share magazines privately or publicly via emails, or social media, maximizing global internet connections. Businesses that wish to expand their reach and interact with consumers should try Flipsnack. The platform has several pricing plans that allow users to play around with customization and different templates according to one’s needs.