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Emplifi is a social media tool that lets you join conversations through social intelligence and social listening.

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Software Overview

With intel from Emplifi, you can create striking and captivating content. More importantly, your content will be exactly what your audience is looking for. Furthermore, Emplifi offers you an opportunity to deliver an emphatic and engaging social experience that stands out and generates impactful campaigns.

Benefits of Using Emplifi

Gives You a General Point of View

The tool combines customer profiles, user data, marketing journeys, and privacy management enabling you to visualize prospective touch points. The best part is that all these pieces of information are consolidated on the same platform. As such, you end up with a single source of data, removing all the confusion and making sure all the stakeholders are on the same page.

Total Control over Customer Experience

Every business wants to generate a positive customer experience. However, you can only attain this if you are basing your strategy on actual customer preference. And this information can only be retrieved from the previous behaviors and actions of the customer. For example, if given customers prefer items on sale, then sharing updates with them on your latest promotions will make sense. Through prediction and analytics, Emplifi can help you with this.

Lessons from Your Clients

The last thing you should do is base your marketing campaign on guesswork. Collecting data on your target audience can help you employ strategic campaigns. By understanding what’s in the minds of your audience, you can develop target campaigns with the potential to generate results.

Personalized Experience

Every marketer knows the secret to a powerful campaign is personalization. Moreover over 5 out of 10 marketers agree that personalization contributes to the profitability of the business. With the help of Emplifi, you can personalize experiences for your clients and convert potential leads into sales.


Business automation and cloud-based marketing are cost-effective for a business. There’s less capital involved in the generation and distribution of marketing materials. Not to mention, sharing promotional content via a digital platform is cheaper. For a start, you can eliminate printing costs. Reliance on virtual materials constantly makes this platform cost-effective and therefore more popular among businesses.

Product Features

The following are some of Emplifi’s incredible features:

The tool gives you access to in-depth social media campaign insights through personalized and query-based searches. Social media and websites are the two most important sources of data. They allow you to visualize your target audience profile. This helps you learn their expectations and needs. Most importantly, Emplifi enlightens you on how best to satisfy your clients.

Emplifi gives you total access to resourceful social marketing intel through personalized and query-based searches. 

Emplifi gives you access to share of voice data in form of a complete breakdown (in addition to other vital brand awareness metrics). With Emplifi, you’ll instantly know how the audience perceives your content, product, and campaigns.

The platform helps you evaluate how well your brand competes against its rivals. With this intel, you can identify your stronghold and where you need to improve. With this information, you can make adjustments to your strategy with confidence.

Monitoring industry trends through social media is beneficial to your brand. With this option, you can identify brands with the most effective conversions. In addition, you’ll see which brands are trending in the mainstream.

This helps you understand the sentiments of your audience for each activity, comment, post, or campaign.

Emplifi performs AI sentimental analysis to ensure you are leveraging empathy in making key decisions. This applies to all conversations and incoming posts. 

Emplifi helps you confirm the evolving needs of your audiences including the interesting topics they are researching on. With this information, you can generate meaningful conversations.

Emplifi Pricing

Emplifi has two subscription plans.


$ 240 / Month

Or 200 per month, paid once a year

• 10 to 20 Social media profiles • 5 No. of users • 3 months of Historical data • Email and in-product support • Self-service portal for learning • Content analysis • Basic publishing calendar • Essential analytics


$ 480 / Month

Or $400 per month, paid once a year

• Custom social media profiles • Custom no. of users • On-call, e-mail, and in-product support • Unlimited historical data • Exclusive account manager • AI chatbots • Community management • Influencers • Social media listings • In-depth content intel • AI-driven scheduling and publishing • Comprehensive benchmarks and analytics

Emplifi Awards

  • Best Customer Experience Management Company for 2022
  • 2022 MarTech Breakthrough

The Bottom Line

With the help of Emplifi, your brand can build, communicate, adapt, and relate to the dynamic social media world. What’s more, thanks to the resourceful insights from this platform, you can remain competitive in your industry. To make a good deal even better, this tool has plans for every type of business regardless of size or market influence. If you are looking for a powerful social marketing cloud tool, look no further. Sign up for Emplifi today and see your business grow.