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Crazy Egg Software

With the development and improvement of social media and the internet, organizations are focusing more on improving the effectiveness of their operations. An organization can improve through reviews and insights from customers and visitors to its website. Crazy Egg is an essential tool that organizations can use to better understand their visitors’ insights.  

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Software Overview

Crazy Egg is an analytics software that gives you insight into what customers focus on. The software has a heatmap that uses colours to indicate where visitors spend more time. Using the heatmap, you will be able to know where you need to improve and add effort. Crazy Egg is available for small businesses and enterprises at varying pricing. Examples of brands that rely on Crazy Egg include Dell and Yahoo.

Benefits of Using Crazy Egg

Web Visitor Insights

These help one know how various people are interacting with the site. This will enable you to learn and know what sections of your website to focus more on. Your visitors will also help you improve your website through the backed-up data.


Crazy Egg analytics software will let you know what your visitors are attracted to. The more clicks one area of your website receives from visitors, the brighter its colour will be.

Product Features

The following are some of Crazy Egg’s incredible features:

This feature enables you to see the sections of your website that visitors click on most. With this information, you will know what visitors like most about your website. This will help you know what to focus on to improve your services.

This report highlights how far the visitors scrolled. The scroll map report will let you know where to put tools such as sign-up buttons. The furthest your visitors scroll to will also let you know where to put the call-to-action feature. This area is specially coded with colour. Therefore, no cryptic reports are needed. This report is also ideal for those following the analysis using mobile phones.

This feature codes the report of visitors’ insights through colours. The colours represent the visitor’s clicks accurately. The clicks can be divided into various metrics, including time and geography. The confetti report can also be analyzed through mobile phones.

With cross-post comparison, you can evaluate what kind of posts perform best and create the kind of valuable content that your target audience wants to see more of. Over time, optimised content boosts engagement with your content and increases brand awareness.

The number of clicks from your visitors to your webpage are analyzed and reported in numeric form. The report is then tabulated, and you can know the number of clicks on a specific webpage without guessing. The list report also helps you know if visitors are clicking on moving elements, such as pop-ups, links, or buttons. The number of clicks on the various web pages can also be compared to know which webpages are gaining more traction.

You can easily watch your visitors navigate your website. There is no need for them to be near you. The movements of the cursor, clicks, or scrolls can be easily followed. You can follow up on the web pages your visitors go to and those they avoid. Moreover, you can easily note how long your visitors stay on the website and identify the sections that they struggle to navigate.

This feature helps you to know if you have used the best approach. This tool is easy to use. You can experiment with various ideas and improve your website by evaluating the best solution.

This feature helps you analyze customer traffic. You can compare the traffic by checking the referred sources and where the traffic comes from. You can access all your traffic in one place and compare them.

You can easily detect the errors your visitors are getting. Your developers can track the visitor’s session on your website through recordings. The recordings enable you to retrace your visitors’ steps and see where they’re having a hard time.

This feature helps you know what your customers think of your website. Their reviews will help you improve your website or product offerings. The responses from your survey give you an opportunity to better satisfy your customers’ needs.

Crazy Egg Pricing

Crazy Egg software offers a 30-day free trial to its customers. After 30 days, you can subscribe to the software’s payment plan, which ranges from basic to enterprise. There are 4 standard plans, and the Crazy Egg team can put together a custom plan at the Enterprise level.


$ 29 / Month


$ 49 / Month


$ 99 / Month


$ 249 / Month

Crazy Egg Awards

Crazy Egg software is considered one of the best web analytic software tools out there.

The Bottom Line

With the above information, you have a better understanding of Crazy Egg. This software will help you track your website visitor’s sessions and gain insights that may come in handy when it’s time to improve your website.