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Cradle Software

Uploading, designing, linking, and publishing information at every stage in the system can be tedious and time-consuming when done manually. These processes need a scalable, flexible, and secure solution. Additionally, such processes need an adaptable tool that can support all the requirements management and system engineering processes in one tool suite. That is where software solutions like Cradle come in.

Cradle Software Logo

Software Overview

Cradle is a requirements management software to let users design, link, and publish information in various engineering processes. The tool is flexible and scalable and can be deployed locally.

Cradle software lets you publish data from user-friendly reports or as a template through the standard layout of the organization. The software lets you analyze your data to improve quality and consistency. Through cradle, you can evaluate traceability and data coverage using tables, diagrams, and matrices.

Benefits of Using Cradle

Eases Data Management

Cradle software lets you manage your data regardless of the kind of format and content you're working with.

Improves Collaboration

The tool lets members collaborate and work efficiently across several locations. This allows members to evaluate the system effectively to make required adjustments.

Accessible Requirements

Unlike other tools with isolated requirements, Cradle makes it easy to access all the requirements at every stage of the process.

Notifications and Updates

The tool provides consistent updates, allowing you to track every action and change.

Provides Full Traceability

This software solution gives you full traceability across the lifecycle. It gives clear transitive views of every process in the system.

Proper Configuration Management Levels

The software lets users apply the right configuration management level and change controls. On top of this, this software solution produces change logs and audit trails.

Quality Accomplishments

The tool guarantees you a quality requirement completeness and other essential details, documentation, traceability, and historical records.

Scalable Lease Management

Companies have different lease administration needs. Standardized experience often falls short of clients’ needs. That's why Cradle provides you with a powerful and flexible management system. The tool allows you to toil your lease administration to match the requirements of your portfolio.

Product Features

The following are some of Cradle’s incredible features:

Cradle software is available in iOS, Android, and Desktop versions. The staff behind the tool develop their applications in-house to gain control over the features and security of the end product. The API communications between applications and other APIs used to set up calls and transfer contact details are made over a secured connection.

Additionally, users can access web applications secured using TLS, ensuring that data presented to the services through the web application is private.

The solution provides an encrypted communication system between clients’ applications and APIs, ensuring that your data is private. This encrypted communication is focused on communication between the carrier and the services.

Cloud infrastructure hosting your data are ISO 27001 compliant. 

Fraud is one of the main factors that must be considered in the telecommunication industry. Cradle has several layers of protection, preventing unauthorized phone call placements. With Cradle, users can enable two-factor authentication as part of a strong security layer to safeguard the integrity of the client’s accounts.

The team consistently updates the tool. These updates and developments are designed to improve various functionalities and application security. Therefore, it’s important to use the latest version of Cradle to secure your data.

Additionally, the tool has been code-signed, ensuring that what you download is real.

Cradle is the ultimate lease accounting tool. This functionality helps in recognition and modification accounting.

The tool lets you add email notifications to relevant events for an agreement.

Once you’ve added your fx rate, the tool automatically submits all the conversions, considering all the nuances in accounting for a lease in a foreign currency.

Reporting can be performed on individual agreements for their relevant subsidiaries or the entire company.

By choosing from multiple user roles, you are guaranteed that the appropriate information will only be accessible to the relevant employees.

Cradle Pricing

Cradle comes in three plans:


$ 14.99 / Month

• Cloud phone calling • Foreign calling • Custom voice menus • User presence for remote members • DIDs for your members • Voicemail to email


$ 29.99 / Month

• All the features from Essentials • Xero integration • Call recording • Limitless concurrent calls • Reporting • Email and chat support

Professional Plus

$ 39.99 / Month

• All Professional features • HubSpot integration • Voicemail transcription • Free call recording • Phone support

Cradle Awards

Cradle software has not yet won any awards recently. However, the tool has an average score of 65/100 in the Agile & Other Methods category. 

The Bottom Line

Cradle is an actionable tool designed to simplify your accounting processes. The tool can benefit the organization in several ways and improve efficiency.