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Copper Software

Copper software is designed to help organizations track and manage sales with ease. The tool also helps establish customer relations and ensures smooth data entry. The software is highly rated and has many positive reviews from satisfied clients. 

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Software Overview

Copper is an easy-to-use CRM ideal for businesses that need to track, manage sales, and expand their customer relations. This platform saves time by ensuring smooth data entry and repetitive admin tasks are handled by an intuitive AI.

Copper comes highly praised by its users due to its smooth integration into Google workspace. This integration syncs emails and contacts. Moreover, Copper helps business owners to monitor sales and client relations via email threads. This platform also has a reminder icon that reminds employees to reply and follow up on their customers’ deals.

Benefits of Using Copper

Efficient Workflows

Copper has data integrations and automated task management tools that enhance the workflow.

Increases Sales Productivity

This platform uses lead, contact, and visual pipeline features to provide insight into potential business ventures.

Visibility of Business Operations

Copper has tools that provide a business with a complete visual of operations and feedback regarding where to improve. Additionally, it has timed notifications that remind employees of essential tasks.

Efficient Communication

Copper integrates with multiple devices and platforms, thus covering a lot of ground regarding communication.

Easy to Integrate with Other Business Systems

Copper has multiple API compatibilities allowing integration into any business software system.

Product Features

The following are some of Copper’s incredible features:

The task management feature helps business owners name their tasks, select the due date, add a reminder, and attach tags to each task. Additionally, it offers a search bar that makes it easy to navigate individual tasks.

Workflow automation is the process of identifying tasks performed by employees in an organization and automating them through the use of tools, apps, and technology. This feature saves time and reduces the chance of human error. Copper offers several automation tools, such as trigger events and task automation.

The Task automation feature creates tasks based on different triggers.

Copper has CRM reporting that helps businesses to make strategic decisions and tactical changes where necessary. Reporting includes insights on deals won, pipeline progress, sales funnel, and sales forecasting. One advantage of Copper reports is that they can be customized depending on the data and presented differently.

Deal activity feed tracks the activity of each prospective deal and gives greater visibility into which sales activities give a company the greatest return.

This feature assigns a numerical value to a lead, then calculates the probability of that lead becoming a paying customer. Lead scoring enables sales representatives to spend more time on paying customers.

Copper has key security features, such as single sign-in, to ensure that your company’s data is safe.

Contact management is crucial in capturing a lead’s information. This feature does the following:

Creates contact profiles that are easy to use and customize

Has a contact storage that is organized and easy to navigate

Has a contact activity feed that tracks the contact’s activity. This is instrumental in the sales process. It also reduces the chance of losing a lead.

Pipelines allow a business to track the progress of potential customers. Copper’s pipelines are customizable to align with the company’s sales funnels. Moreover, one can add as many pipelines as one desires.

Copper offers various integrations that expand its CRM functionality. These integrations include Google Workspace, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Copper offers an email marketing channel that ensures consistent communication with prospective customers. The email marketing feature has an editor that allows one to send emails chronologically and even attach images. It can also create templates for emails sent frequently.

Copper Pricing

Copper has a relatively cheap pricing plan that suits small businesses. It also offers a 14-day trial for beginners, and no credit card is required. The Copper pricing is as follows:


$ 25 / Month

• 2,500 contact limit • Google workspace integration • Sale pipeline • Team collaboration • Contact enrichment


$ 59 / Month

• 15,000 contact limit • Workflow automation • Bulk email and templates • Reporting • Integration with other tools


$ 119 / Month

• Unlimited contacts • Email sequences and drip campaigns • Website tracking • Lead scoring • Linked in integration plus everything in the other pricing plans

Copper Awards

Copper has won several awards, including the 2019 SaaS Award by APPEALIE.

The Bottom Line

Copper is a platform that helps businesses to organize, automate, and communicate with potential clients. It has multiple features, such as workflow automation, that provide key insights. Moreover, this software is a user-friendly CRM ideal for small businesses that want to make their workflow efficient. Businesses using Copper for their sales have noted an increase over time. Therefore, Copper is ideal if you have a small business looking to track and project its sales.