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Software Overview


Contenive software reveals effective content production and competitive field analysis by employing the whole social media management cycle. Additionally, the tool helps identify contextual network planning, placement, and outcome analysis. The tool also combines artificial and live intelligence to deliver quality generation and instant posing with lower input.

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Contenive is an artificial intelligent tool designed to help in social media management and content creation. The staff behind the tool is experienced in content strategies for businesses operating in over 15 industries. The software’s proprietary content-creation system is AI-based, allowing for smooth operation and quality content relevant to the correspondent niche.

Contenive software scrutinizes business’s competitive field, crafts a cross-platform content strategy, and tailors top-notch content for the business feeds. All of these to manage business profiles. Additionally, the tool helps set up delayed posting delayed posting directly to your profile and track analytics to make strategies adjustments.

Apart from delivering incredible le results, contenive software has a long history that makes it stand out among its competitors. The tool was launched back in 2020 as a web service, which delivered several AI-based tools to simplify social media management for businesses by reallocating time and efforts used in managing business profiles.

It was an initiative to enhance user experience. However, the staff later realized investors didn’t want to handle social media management themselves. That’s why the staff decided to develop an innovative tool that will help maintain social media prescience.

Benefits of Using Contenive

Account Management

Managing multiple social media accounts can be quite challenging especially when you begin to grow your presence in multiple networks. With social platforms, there are several logins and interfaces to remember and master. This can be quite challenging, especially when operating with multiple accounts. And that's where social management tools such as contenive come in. contenive software lets you consolidate down to a single login and a unified interface.

Streamlined Conversation

Contenive software lets you track all your conversations. To start with, all your data is centralized, making the job easier. Additionally, with the tool, you can search for conversations by keywords. You’ll be able to find conversation by simply entering one word or name.


Documenting the goal you want to achieve can be crucial as well as the required content to reach them. Planning ahead allows you to post the necessary contenive to reach your goals and expand your business. Contenive software allows you to schedule social media posts in advance and on time. Through this, it's easier to visualize and align what you intend to post with your goals.

Data Monitoring

Data is the most important benefit of social media. This data provides businesses with clear insight that they could have visualized about 20 years ago. Consumers' views, feedback, competitors' information, etc. all this information is available but can be quite challenging to find it. Luckily contenive software is dedicated to help you with this. Contenive software simplifies the entire process and allows you to save your recent searches for quick access.

Data Analysis

Marketers should always look for ways to improve. And the perfect way to do this is through trial and error. Testing various types of content, formats, and timing helps you understand what your audience wants. Well. If you can be able to determine what is and what is not working. That’s where contenive software comes in. Contenive software provides analytic data. This data may be all about the number of retweets a post received, the number of website visitors your social platform referred or costs per click of the recently paid campaigns. It's crucial to understand what these numbers mean.

Product Features

The following are some of Contenive’s incredible features:

The social analytic feature provides information on social media posts and campaign performance.

The feature lets you share the creation, management, and content scheduling across social media channels.

The campaign planning feature lets you categorize or group individual posts to organize social media marketing campaigns.

With a content calendar, users can visualize scheduled social marketing and content in a timeline or calendar. 

The content library lets you upload and publish brand content from a shared library

Approval workflow simplifies content approval. The tool automates the entire process, ensuring that managers and clients approve social posts before they’re published.

Content creation functionality lets you create and edit social media assets.

Contenive software integrates with five social platforms including:


LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world. The platform lets you get the right job or internship.  


Google organizes the world’s information and makes it accessible to everyone.


Contenive software integrates with Instagram, one of the popular social platforms with over 3 billion active users. This integration lets you download the Instagram logo and other assets to use on your website.


Facebook is the largest social platform in the world. The integration with contenive software lets you grow your business.


Contenive software also integrates with Twitter to help you understand the current business trends.

Contenive Pricing

Contenive software has a standard price of $369. The plan provides you with expert content specifically meant for your profile.

You can also change your subscription to suit your business requirements. Additionally, you can link your business profile spread across your social media channels. With this, contenive applies a significant discount for each extra you add.  

Furthermore, the platform gives you an optimized, cross-platform strategy for all business profiles. Lastly, the plan includes well-crafted and customized content at a fair price.

Contenive Awards

Contenive software was awarded:

  • The quality choice award
  • The trusted vendor award
  • The happiest user award


Apart from the three awards, contenive has an overall rating of 91/100 in the social media category.

The Bottom Line

Contenive software is a social management tool designed to ease your social media marketing. The tool has several incredible features and functionalities to suit various business requirements.