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Connecteam is a cloud-based employee management software that helps businesses streamline their HR and operations processes. It offers features such as employee onboarding, time tracking, task management, and performance evaluations. It also allows managers to communicate with their teams through chat, announcements, and surveys.
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Software Overview

Connecteam is designed to be user-friendly and accessible on any device, making it easy for businesses to manage their workforce from anywhere.

Benefits of Using Connecteam

Increased Employee Engagement

The Connecteam platform allows employees to communicate, collaborate and share ideas easily. This increases engagement and improves team dynamics.

Streamlined Communication

Connecteam allows managers and employees to communicate easily through chat, video conferencing, and other communication tools. This improves collaboration and reduces miscommunication.

Improved Productivity

The Connecteam platform provides employees with easy access to company information, training materials, and other resources. This improves productivity and reduces time spent searching for information.

Better Employee Recognition

The Connecteam platform allows managers to recognize and reward employees for their contributions. This improves employee morale and motivation.

Increased Employee Retention

The Connecteam platform allows employees to feel more connected to their company and colleagues. This improves job satisfaction and reduces turnover.

Better Compliance Management

The Connecteam platform allows managers to track employee compliance with company policies and regulations. This improves compliance management and reduces the risk of compliance violations.

Product Features

The following are some of the most noteworthy features from Connecteam:

Connecteam offers a variety of tools to help managers and employees stay connected, including employee surveys, pulse polls, and feedback forms.

The software includes a messaging system that allows employees to communicate with one another and with managers. It also comes with a news feed where managers can post updates and announcements.

Connecteam’s task management features allow managers to assign tasks to employees, set deadlines, and track progress.

The software includes a built-in training and development platform that allows managers to create and deliver training materials and track employee progress.

Connecteam offers time tracking features that allow managers to track employee hours and overtime, as well as approve time off requests.

Connecteam offers a variety of analytics and reporting tools that allow managers to track employee engagement, performance, and other key metrics.

Connecteam Pricing

Connecteam offers several pricing plans for businesses of different sizes and needs. These plans include:


$ 0 / Month

This plan is ideal for small businesses and startups with up to 5 users.

It includes basic features such as employee management, time tracking, and task management.


$ 29 / Month

This plan is suitable for businesses with up to 50 users.

It includes all features of the Free Plan and additional features such as employee scheduling, surveys, and forms.


$ 59 / Month

This plan is designed for businesses with up to 100 users.

It includes all features of the Basic Plan and additional features such as advanced reporting, onboarding, and compliance management.


This plan is customized to the needs of larger businesses with over 100 users.

It includes all features of the Pro Plan and additional features such as API access, SSO, and advanced analytics.

Connecteam Awards

Connecteam also offers awards for businesses that use their platform. These awards include:

  • The Best Employee Engagement Award,
  • The Best Employee Onboarding Award, And
  • The Best Time and Attendance award.

The Bottom Line

The Connecteam platform allows employees to schedule shifts, request time off, and make other scheduling requests. This improves scheduling efficiency and reduces the need for manual scheduling. The software includes tools for setting performance goals and tracking employee progress, as well as tools for conducting performance evaluations and providing feedback.