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Clear Books Software

Every small business owner wants accurate accounting. For this purpose, Clear Books is the ideal solution. Accounting software like Clear Books provides a real-time overview of the organization’s financial state, including the linked bank account’s previous sales, purchases, and snapshots.

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Software Overview

Clear Books is an all-around accounting software for small business owners and sole traders. The tool features a user-friendly dashboard, that provides a real-time financial overview.

Although the tool is designed for small businesses, Clear Books is perfect for individuals working in construction industry schemes (CIS). The platform allows the verification of subcontractors by contractors and submits CIS returns to HMRC.

Benefits of Using Clear Books

Saves Time through Automation

Clear Books software delivers invoices and payment reminders with links for the right online payment alternatives. This is another way of automating invoicing, making these processes easier. Automations also schedule bank payments and direct deposits, helping accounts payable. This automation saves time and enhances accuracy. Clear Books also often sends notifications when errors pop up.

Real-time Data Access

Data is only worth it when key employees view up-to-date. Real-time data enhances accuracy and helps make planning decisions. Access to real-time data is also crucial for transactional businesses as it gives a clear view of the payment methods and location of particular product sales.

Provides accurate Information and Improves Visibility

Processing accounting activities through outdated accounting solutions can be frustrating and inefficient. Clear Books, as one of the modern accounting software tools, lets members view and monitor transactions, manage data and stay up to date. The tool provides an ultimate view that prevents errors, breakdowns, departmental silos, and redundancies. Additionally, the tool provides full performance visibility, making adjusting funding and expenses for various departments easier. This improves the overall health of the organization.

Security and Continuity

Clear Books features encryption and other security layers to secure client data and validate users. The tool guarantees small businesses the same security level as bigger companies.


Performing tagging, double-checking, and submitting financial statements can be tedious when done manually. Clear Books automates these processes, delivering accurate financial statements through up-to-date templates to ensure compliance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Helps Make the Right Decision

Clear Books software plays an important role in the decision-making process. The tool provides a view of real-time data and essential metrics, such as revenue, customer purchase rates, and product sales.

Improves Productivity

Clear Books software automates accounting processes, transforming employees from passive financial data caretakers to proactive business value creators. The main objective of Clear Books software is to increase accuracy, deliver real-time data, and enhance visibility and collaboration. This helps members create better business strategies while enhancing communication across detrimental silos, both of which help make informed decisions.


Clear Books provides crucial accounting scalability. Additionally, the tool helps scale sales, financial transactions, customer base, inventory, and payrolls. The package includes modules and add-ons to deal with growth and integrate with business elements such as bank accounts, credit cards, and inventory. The tool also allows organizations to eliminate unnecessary features during downtimes, transactions, or occasional trends.

Product Features

The following are some of the incredible features from Clear Books:

The software lets you create custom invoice templates for your business. Additionally, you can program your invoices to be delivered instantly or schedule them to be automatically sent out. With Clear Book, you can send invoices in a printable PDF format through email.

This powerful module supports all the core VAT schemes, including standard and flat rates. Clear Books makes it easier to generate VAT returns. All you need to do is select a period with corresponding invoices and send your returns to HMRC.

Clear Books provides management reports, such as full profit and loss reports, balance sheets, and aged debtors/collectors.

Clear Books supports multi-currency and provides a real-time exchange rate from the XE currency authority. However, you can still set your exchange rates, which allows you to run a business in different countries while still tax compliant.

You can track your bills as they come and perform reconciliation to record all your purchases. You can also view reports to see the incoming bills and expense summaries.

Clear Books lets you track the value of all your assets.

Clear Books Pricing

Clear Books comes in three different packages.


$ 0 / Month

Free trial with limited features


$ 6 / Month

Invoice/quote creator • Bill & receipt tracking • Bank feeds and uploads • Reports (e.g. P&L) • Dividends tool • Project accounting


$ 13 / Month

Invoice/quote creator • Bill & receipt tracking • Bank feeds and uploads • Reports (e.g. P&L) • Dividends tool • Project accounting • Making Tax Digital VAT reporting • CIS • Multi-currency

Clear Books Awards

Clear Books has not won any official awards recently. However, the tool is widely considered the best accounting software for small businesses.

The Bottom Line

Clear Books is an incredible accounting tool designed to make accounting manageable. The platform provides you with all you need to streamline your accounting activities.