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Managing recurring billing can help you focus on your business and expand it rather than dealing with strenuous paperwork. ChargeOver, as a payment and invoicing software, helps you accomplish this in a fraction of the time. This digital tool automates and simplifies the billing process and reduces the time it takes to perform complex tasks. 

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Software Overview

ChargeOver is a software that helps businesses manage their recurring billing efficiently. The software automates the recurring billing process and eliminates the manual handling of tasks. ChargeOver software has several features, including subscriptions, invoicing, automatic payments, charging credit and bank accounts, and automatic payment retries.

ChargeOver is easy to use and does not lock you out of your preferred payment gateway. Furthermore, it is backed by a patient and responsive support team that can help you through any problems or complications that you encounter as you use ChargeOver. Get control of your billing process and make your payments faster and more accurately by signing up for ChargeOver today.

Benefits of Using ChargeOver

Automated Subscriptions

ChargeOver handles your subscriptions by automating them. This software sends invoices to subscribers, accepts payments, follows up declined payments, and manages your account. You do not have to do manual paperwork to handle the subscriptions.

Comprehensive Integrations

ChargeOver software has native integrations with other platforms such as Xero and Quickbooks. This helps with a seamless flow of data and transfer. ChargeOver also connects with other payment gateway platforms. Therefore, you can continue working with your preferred payment gateway once you make the switch to ChargeOver.

Complete Customization

ChargeOver software offers a flexible way of dealing with the billing processes of your business. You can customize your billing plans and methods, create invoices and email reminders, and offer your subscribers various payment options.

Easily Manage Customers

You can easily track your vital business metrics and manage subscribers' payment details and subscriptions. This will ease the running of the business. With a smooth and automated workflow, one can manage the recurring billing process, enabling quicker and more efficient subscriber payments.

Product Features

The following are some of ChargeOver’s incredible features:

With ChargeOver, you can easily keep up with your customer subscriptions and preferences. You may offer one subscription for a single product or service or various subscriptions for several products.

ChargeOver Software lets you send out invoices to subscribers on your preferred schedule. These can be one-time invoices or recurring invoices for subscriptions. You can also track your missing invoices and check the balance for any of your subscribers. This ensures you get your payments from subscribers efficiently.

Thanks to ChargeOver’s autopay feature, you do not need to send monthly invoices. Your subscribers can choose to automatically clear their accounts. 

You can forget about having to send invoices each month to your subscribers by introducing automatic charges to their credit or bank accounts. With this feature, the billing will automatically be done on the customer’s preferred card each month.

When customers fail to pay their subscriptions, or their accounts have insufficient funds to pay off their subscriptions, ChargeOver can help follow up on the payments. The software has an autopay retry feature that alerts the customer about the failed payment.

ChargeOver software has an automatic communications feature that enables you and your customer to communicate efficiently once the payment has been processed. Upon receipt of payment, the platform ensures that a digital receipt is sent out efficiently, so the customer does not need to ask for it. The software also sends out billing reminders to alert your customers of pending payments.

You do not have to worry about calculating the tax rate for each customer. ChargeOver software enables you to automatically use tax tables entered manually to determine your customer’s tax calculation automatically. The software also enables you to use integrations such as Zip2Tax for automatic tax calculations.

You can automatically calculate the late fees of your customers based on the custom rules set. The calculated late fee can be added to the invoice automatically. This late fee can be set at a certain percentage in a day. When the payment is not made, late fees accrue.

With the above features, ChargeOver software will help you grow your business by making data-driven choices using in-depth results on balances, lifetime values, churn, and average spending per customer. The software also safeguards your data with security compliance. Users of ChargeOver can customize their billing methods and options. As such, your customers can conveniently make their payments. You can also offer discounts and coupon codes to your customers.

ChargeOver Pricing

The pricing of ChargeOver software is straightforward and not complicated. It is on a flat-rate basis with zero transactional fees and additional percentages. The pricing starts at $115 monthly and covers up to 100 active monthly clients. ChargeOver also offers a 14-day trial.

ChargeOver Awards

  • Leader in Payments & Invoicing Software 2021
  • Leader in Payments & Invoicing Software 2020
  • Quality Choice
  • Trusted Vendor
  • Happiest Users

The Bottom Line

ChargeOver is an award-winning tool designed to help you manage your billing. Thanks to the level of efficiency this software delivers, it’s one of the most sought-after solutions across different industries.