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Chargebee Software

Payment and invoicing software are steadily gaining popularity, and it’s easy to understand why. These digital tools are designed to help you manage your payments without causing any transactional errors. Performing these transactions manually can be intimidating. That’s where solutions such as Chargebee come in.  

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Software Overview

Chargebee is a subscription billing and revenue management software that enables you to grow your business and run it for the foreseeable future. This software enables one to do more than just billing and revenue management by helping with pricing strategies, scaling globally, capturing new segments, and launching subscriptions. Chargebee is a platform with various features that help streamline revenue operations. These include subscription automation, billing experiments, revenue intelligence, an extensible platform, and enterprise-grade security. Chargebee is the leading subscription billing software and earned the Spring 2022 Leader award. Moreover, it is highly rated, and the most likely recommended billing software.

Benefits of Using Chargeable

Rethink Pricing

Chargebee enables you to rethink your value evaluation, set new prices, and try various pricing models quickly and swiftly. You can try different pricing or change your pricing model completely to recognize your value on the positive side. You can also benefit from the custom pricing of products once in a while. Chargebee software also gives you a range of pricing, where you can experiment with new prices for your customers. However, changing prices at random can have a negative impact on current customers. Therefore, Chargebee can help you run pricing experiments with your new customers and maintain the agreed prices for your existing customers. Chargebee helps you change your prices without losing demand.

Scale Globally

Chargebee helps you stretch your business globally by automating tax and compliance. This enables you to get payments from customers wherever they are, complying with global tax requirements. Chargebee also enables you to use the various gateways efficiently and localize the experiences. You can automate the taxes and charge your customers or subscribers inclusive or exclusive of the local tax charges. You can also auto-exchange the rates and reconcile the foreign payments by your customers into your local currency. Through global interactions, you can gain more customers.

Capture New Segments

Chargebee software helps you manage difficult sales processes of the business by automating the quote-to-cash and contracts, enabling self-serve buying, supporting the business's sales, and gaining revenue visions. You can create quotes for your customers without dealing with them face to face. You can send the quote for electronic signing. You can also send quotations with a "pay now" link for easy payments. This can be done globally. Therefore, you can receive the payment in various currencies. With the self-serve option, you will minimize the sales and support work. You will also be able to recover lost revenue by reducing the need to follow up for payments.

Launch into Subscriptions

Chargebee enables you to easily trsansition from a one-time payment system to recurring revenue or subscriptions. You can consider metered billing, real-time intelligence, and global payment methods to enhance your subscription. You can also improve your workflow by having independent, scalable billing structures. You can transition your business with zero disruption piloting, capability expansion, parallel roll-out, a subscription-first model. You can also migrate your business and customer data from a different platform to Chargebee.

Product Features

The following are some of Chargebee’s incredible features:

This feature enables you to collect and automate recurring payments and subscription billing. You can automate the quote-to-cash process by sending out the invoices with links to pay or options for editing, extending payment duration, and accepting the quotation. You can also manage the tax by staying updated on the compliance rules. Recurring payments can also be made, either offline or online. Customers can pay through any payment method globally, with various currencies. During checkout, your customers can use the language of their choice. However, you need to be updated on your local currency exchange rate.

You can align your billing workflow using this feature. The billing experiment feature enables you to adjust the price models, product bundles, payment recovery, and discount management. You can run experiments with different workflows. These experiments can help you roll out new prices without losing current customers.

This feature enables you to realize new revenue chances and maximize them with various pricing models. Using proactive engagement and self-service, you can minimize churn and retain your subscribers or customers. The revenue intelligence feature also helps you manage complex recurring billing issues and eliminate developer dependencies by gaining total control of your invoices and billing processes.

You can choose the recurring and non-recurring charges that get automated and computed in your monthly recurring revenue. This will help you customize your MRR calculation. The reporting and analytics feature will also enable you to create custom reports without depending on any developer.

Chargebee Pricing

Chargebee offers different prices to its users. The payment can be made monthly or annually in various currencies. Chargebee offers various packages with capabilities to serve start-ups and established enterprises alike.

Chargeable Awards

Chargebee was named the number one subscription billing software in 2022.

The Bottom Line

Chargebee is an award-winning transaction solution. The tool helps you manage complex transactions without errors. In payments, the tiniest can lead to significant losses, but with Chargebee you don’t have to worry about that.