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Buffer Software

Buffer is one of the most expensive yet efficient social media platforms. The software makes it easy to link multiple social media accounts and schedule posts ahead of time. Additionally, with Buffer, you can post on different accounts at once, saving you time.

Software Overview

Buffer is a social media management tool for small-scale businesses that was launched in 2010. This tool helps to build and streamline the work of online content creators such as photographers and social media managers. In addition to making content management easier, Buffer is built to showcase the value of the work that content creators produce. Buffer guides people on when to post, what to post, and how often to post. Additionally, it helps social media managers to plan, prepare, publish and reach a large following. In other words, this software simplifies the social media workflow and helps build a brand.

Benefits of Using Buffer

Scheduling Posts

Buffer has a calendar with different time slots. One simply needs to choose the day and time they want to post particular content. Buffer can be integrated with other apps such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Users can also schedule campaigns.


Buffer analytics show how well a post is doing, how many followers it's reaching, and the engagement it's generating. This provides businesses with valuable information that they can use to optimise their social media outreach. This way, one can reach their audience easily.

Management Flexibility

Managing all social media posts in one app allows for flexibility. As a result, there is a seamless transition from brand supervisors to social media marketers. Social media managers can organise their business requirements and ensure they run seamlessly.

Market Testing

Buffer identifies the ideal niche and target audience for different businesses. Social media managers can also schedule similar posts at different times and days of the week. This tool also monitors what appeals to each audience. In this way, social media managers can use Buffer for content optimisation.


For a business, cross posting is a good way to reach a wider audience with the same content. With Buffer, one can post a similar image with a different caption across different socials. This strategy boosts visibility.

Product Features

The following are some of Buffer’s incredible features:

Businesses must install the Buffer extension in search engines such as Safari and Chrome. This extension allows one to share posts directly from any social media app. It also allows for the customization of content. The advantage of a browser extension is that it eases content creation and sharing of images.

Buffer comes with scheduling tools that help you create a streamlined flow of content that doesn’t rely on you posting in real-time. What’s more, Buffer’s intuitive calendar comes with recommendations for the best times to post content so that you can put it in front of your target audience when it matters most.

Buffer analytics show how well a post is doing, how many followers it’s reaching, and the engagement it’s generating. This provides businesses with valuable information that they can use to optimise their social media outreach. 

With cross-post comparison, you can evaluate what kind of posts perform best and create the kind of valuable content that your target audience wants to see more of. Over time, optimised content boosts engagement with your content and increases brand awareness.

Easily access and upload your videos, photos, and posts with integrations that allow you to plug into platforms like Dropbox, OneDrive, WordPress, and IFTTT.  Buffer also allows you to automate RSS feed content with tools like Feedly and Zapier.

Buffer comes with a suite of powerful publishing tools including a customisable posting schedule, an intuitive content editor that allows you to craft different messages for different platforms, and a browser extension to help you easily share content from anywhere on the web. With drafts and approval features, you can easily collaborate with other members of your team on the content creation process.

Buffer Reply collects all the comments, messages and mentions your posts generated in one place. This makes it easy to engage with your audience when it matters most, thus boosting engagement with your future posts.

The Buffer Happiness team prides itself on making sure each interaction is special, unique and as happy as possible. They do more than solve your problems – they go the extra mile to surprise and delight you beyond the initial point of contact.

Buffer Pricing

Buffer has four monthly subscriptions that are affordable and easy to use.


$ 0 / Month

This is ideal for people and businesses venturing into social media.


$ 5 / Month

Essentials is designed for professionals who need analytics and engagement tools.


$ 10 / Month

This is perfect for teams that want unlimited user seating, collaboration, and reporting tools.


$ 100 / Month

Agency is ideal for marketing agencies with 10 or more social channels.

Buffer Awards

Buffer won the best practices in Mobile sites and Apps in 2018. The Buffer team also won the 2018 Webby Award. Additionally, Buffer has 4.3 stars on the Google play store.

Additional Buffer Awards include:


  • The happiest user
  • Trusted Vendor
  • Quality Choice
  • 2017 winner among social media software
  • 2020 winner among social media software
  • 2021 winner among social media software
  • 2022 winner among social media software

The Bottom Line

Buffer is a great social media tool for small to large-scale businesses. It is designed to track and give insights into various businesses’ growth and market gaps. Online content creation has grown steadily over time. It has become the main marketing tool for many businesses due to its wide reach. Buffer has unique tools to help a business grow to its full potential. It is also cheap and easy to operate.