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Accounting Software (365)
  • Small Business Bookkeeping Software
  • Accounting Software for the Self-employed
  • Free Accounting Software

Accounting Practice Management Software (32)

Accounts Payable Software (42)

Accounts Receivable Software (65)
Budgeting & Tracking Software (162)
  • Free Budgeting Software
Compliance Software (222)
Debt Collection Software (16)
Financial Reporting Software (242)

Fraud Detection Software (73)

Grant Management Software (19)

Investment Management Software (56)

Loan Management Software (35)

Loan Origination Software (22)

Payments Facilitating Software (27)
Payments & Invoicing Software (449)
  • Free Invoicing Software
  • Invoicing Software for Contractors & Freelancers
  • Invoicing Software for Small Businesses
Purchasing & Expenses Software (124)
  • Free Expense Reporting Software

Rebate Management Software (05)

Risk Management Software (136)

Spend Management Software (26)

Stock Trading & FX Software (35)

Tax Management Software (66)

How Do I Find Software on AdviceScout?

Your choice of software can make or break your business. The right Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application can help you streamline operations, reduce expenses, save time and increase productivity; while a wrong product does more harm than good.

At, we help you compare and find the right software quickly. We list all products under different categories and subcategories, so you can narrow down your search and quickly spot the most promising software for your business.

We also rate important products on a scale of 1 to 100. The rating is calculated automatically based on reviews, recent mentions, and a range of other information about the product’s popularity or performance that we collect from the web. We call it the CrozScore, which helps you predict the overall quality of a product compared to other products within the same category.

In addition, you’ll find an aggregated rating of each product based on user reviews from AdviceScout users as well as from external review sources. Our experts and SaaS specialists constantly review and update our rating systems and find new ways to help you make an informed decision. Simply browse a product category and see how easily you can find the most suitable solution for your company.

Accounting & Finance Software

Businesses can save time and money on accounting and finance management by using a suitable product from this category. There are basic products for single entry bookkeeping. Or, you can choose a double entry system that helps Read More

Analytics & Intelligence Software

Software products in this category help turn raw business data into useful information that often aids in data-driven decision-making. Different types of analytics software are suitable for different needs. For instance, customer analytics Read More

Collaboration Software

Most businesses today have a mobile workforce, hence the demand for collaboration software that helps remote teams work together more efficiently has never been so strong. Products in this category facilitate real Read More

Communication Software

Products in this category are designed to help facilitate communications between teams, colleagues, clients, and the management. This type of software helps connect multiple computers or mobile devices remotely Read More

Customer Service & CRM Software

Products in this category help collect and organize customer data and keep them in a single place, so you can have a 360-degree view of your customers – which eventually helps you improve customer satisfaction, build and maintain long Read More

Design & Multimedia Software

With marketers around the world shifting focus to visual content, design and multimedia solutions are now highly in demand. This type of software helps you create, edit and manage images, videos, logos, background and Read More

Human Resources Software

Most products in this category aim to help organizations in the task of delivering, tracking, reporting or managing online training programs. You’ll also find education & learning software that allows you to plan, develop, assign and assess Read More

Analytics & Intelligence Software

This category includes products that help automate an organization’s HR tasks, such as, storing employee data, running payrolls, administering benefit programs, and conducting performance reviews. We have listed the products under Read More

Industry Specific Software

PUnder this category, you’ll find solutions that cater to the exact needs of your niche industry. For instance, products designed specifically for the healthcare industry often help manage appointment scheduling. Some products even notify Read More

IT & Security Software

Products in this category help businesses handle their IT-related tasks, including website development, application development, hosting, password management, and subscription management. You’ll find Read More

Marketing Software

These products help plan and execute marketing campaigns and automate certain marketing tasks, such as, lead generation, email marketing, social media management, and search engine optimization. The right product enables you to Read More

Miscellaneous Software

This category houses products that do not fit into any conventional software categories. If you are looking for a unique or uncommon product, you may find it here. Read our miscellaneous software guide for more information about the products Read More

Operations Manag. Software

Operations management software automates certain business functions to help improve the way an organization produces, delivers, and markets its products or services. This means the right operations management software helps Read More

Personal Software

This type of software aims to help individuals work more efficiently. For instance, some solutions may help you set goals, track time taken to complete a job, monitor progress, or find out how you spend time on the computer Read More

Sales Software

Products in this category are designed to help organizations meet their sales targets consistently. Sales software often assists in the tasks of developing a sales force, managing sales operations, planning and executing sales strategies Read More