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Brandwatch Software

Managing social media activities for your brand on several different channels is no easy feat. On the contrary, it’s quite a mentally taxing affair. However, when you have an all-inclusive solution, you can take some pressure off your shoulders. Brandwatch is a social media management software that can help you use your time efficiently. It allows you to manage several channels in one place. What’s more, the extent of reach and impact is remarkable.

Why choose Brandwatch?

Brandwatch is among the most trusted social media solutions across the world. It’s a powerful tracking and analytical tool that grants you insight into social media conversations concerning your brand. Additionally, you also get to monitor the conversations of your customers on various social platforms. With that in mind, here are the pressing reasons why you need this solution:

  • Personalized comprehensive workflows for managing reports, messaging, and creatives in social media at scale.
  • Custom dashboards that allow you to examine the performance of your social efforts at any point. It also includes social metrics that make it easy to quantify the results.
  • Tools to manage interactions and content from several social channels at once. For instance, you can run Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook all from the same place
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Software Overview

  • Fully Exportable Data
  • Email Alerts
  • Bulk Actions
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Charting
  • Influence Statistics
  • Sentiment Analytics
  • Historical Data
  • Proprietary Technology
  • Search Operators

Benefits of Using Brandwatch


Running your platform separately can be time-consuming. It can be quite a hassle since you have to log in to all your accounts separately. Furthermore, you have to schedule updates and respond to comments separately. The most overwhelming part is tracking conversations on each platform manually and separately. However, using Brandwatch saves time. It allows you to schedule, collaborate, publish, edit, and preview content in one place. What's more, this function runs across all the social platforms where your brand has a presence.

Engage your Audience Easily

Without a collaboration solution, it’s impossible to have one voice and remain responsive across all your social channels. That’s another way in which Brandwatch comes in handy. Brandwatch is the ideal collaborative tool for all your social accounts. Through this platform, you can track and respond to conversations, feedback, and mentions on all your channels. It also makes it easy to schedule posts and keep all your accounts updated. If you want to spread the same brand message across all your channels, Brandwatch also makes it easier to do so.

Insight into your Brand Performance

Without measuring performance, you’ll never know whether your campaign efforts are working or not. This solution doesn’t just analyze your performance on one channel but across all the social media channels. It also comes with customizable dashboards that allow you to decide the type of insights you want in your reports. Beyond evaluating your own performance, these insights can also help you benchmark your performance against that of your rivals.

Remain a Leading Brand

Discover and deploy effective strategies to capture the attention of more people. The bigger the audience you acquire, the larger your customer base becomes.

Product Features

The following are some of Brandwatch’s incredible features:

Without Brandwatch, you’ll have to manage all your social accounts independently. This is not only time-consuming but also frustrating. Brandwatch saves you all this hassle by helping you manage everything under one roof.

Without Brandwatch, long threads of email, Google Sheets, and Shared Drives will be your only option.

Outside the Brandwatch platform, it takes longer to compile data from the various social channels you have accounts on. There’s also the chance that you may misrepresent data and results. With Brandwatch, you can be sure of prompt and accurate data compilation to help you make effective business decisions.

Brandwatch Pricing

Brandwatch has four subscription packages designed for different goals:

For Small Businesses: Essentials

$ 108 / Month

• Content scheduling • Engaging customers • Measuring your efforts • Supports 1 to 2 users

For Researchers & Analysts: Consumer Intelligence

Consult vendor for price

• For research and analysis • Insight into countless conversations taking place virtually

For Social Media Managers: Social Media Management

Consult vendor for price

• All-inclusive social media tool • Great for team collaboration • For managers on social media

For Influencer Marketers

Consult vendor for price

• Discover influencers by collaborations and brand roster • Manage influencer relationships from a central point

Brandwatch Awards

  • Quality Choice
  • Trusted Vendor
  • Leading social media solution 2020
  • Leading Reputation Management Solution 2020
  • Leading Influencer Marketing Program 2020
  • Leading Social Media Program 2021
  • Leading Reputation Management Program 2021
  • Leading Influencer Marketing Program 2021
  • Leading Social Media Program 2022

The Bottom Line

Brandwatch is the perfect solution for businesses that need to understand the social media conversation concerning their brand, industry, or products. Thanks to this platform, brands can acquire useful business insights. Brandwatch ranks among the leading social platform tracking tools. It also allows businesses to monitor business conversations across multiple social channels.

With the insight gathered using this tool, a brand can improve its campaign strategy and rate of conversion. In addition, Brandwatch allows you to identify negative sentiments about your brand before things escalate. Get Brandwatch today and keep track of your brand mentions across social media.