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Braintree Software

Payment and invoicing can be a tedious process, especially when done manually. Payment and invoicing software such as Braintree simplifies the process and ensures consistency in payment collection. Additionally, these digital tools streamline the process and reduce errors. 

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Software Overview

Braintree software is a digital tool designed to help organizations manage online transactions. The tool also streamlines billing processes to minimize transactional errors. With this tool, users prevent fraudulent transactions by conducting risk analysis and utilizing machine learning algorithms.

The tools also help businesses store encrypted data in the Braintree vault and validate users’ identities before the payment. Additionally, the tool allows the processing of recurring bills and provides automated payment notifications. Moreover, users can view payment history, transaction disputes, etc., and they can generate reports.  

The platform can also be integrated with third-party apps such as WooCommerce, Yodle, 3dcart, Wallkit, Chargebee, etc.  

Benefits of Using Braintree

Drives Conversions

Customers often avoid businesses that make the payment process for products and services complex. Braintree allows organizations to deliver a seamless payment experience and provide multiple payment methods. Additionally, it allows customers to make payments using any mode they want. This boosts sales revenue and provides a highly-converting digital wallet.

Promotes Efficiency

Rather than spending hours a day managing payments, you can use this time to grow your business and increase your sales revenue. The platform is designed to lower integration costs, automate business activities and ensure compliance with PCI. Moreover, you can create recurring billing to prevent the need for manual payment management whenever customers return.

Expands Global Reach

After subscribing to Braintree, you’ll be able to increase your sales using new ways to reach more clients.

Mitigates Risks

Even the smallest transaction error can lead to significant losses. Therefore, businesses need to secure all their payments. Braintree provides you with incredible tools and features to prevent fraud. This includes sharing tools for payment data.


The reporting functionality allows you to generate a myriad of important reports. These reports can help you determine the state of your business.

Global Scale

Braintree software can perform transactions in more than 130 currencies across the world. This is a great functionality for organizations that require global payment support or that intend to expand global sales.

Product Features

The following are some of Braintree ‘s incredible features:

The feature allows businesses to deliver mass payments to recipients across over 200 countries. Additionally, it lets the recipient choose their favorite modes of payment. It also allows them to automate payouts with API calls and create real-time disbursements.  

Customers can purchase in-store using payment methods reserved in an online profile. The tool allows customers to use MasterCard, magstripe cards, chip cards, and contactless cards.

The feature allows you to store and monitor all transactional data. Additionally, you can view specific info through filtering by card type, creation date, date of settlement, and payment mode. Furthermore, businesses can receive updates on events at the payment gateway.

The tool features several inscription keys to secure customer data. This is achievable through its split knowledge and level 1PCI DSS dual control. 

The feature allows you to inspect across the board and choose between integrating seamlessly with a drop-in UI or bringing your UI and qualifying for the SAQ A for PCI compliance. This provides you with a more customized experience.

The tool has the most advanced security features to protect you from fraudulent activities. On top of this, the software comes with an additional 3D verification layer that detects fraud in the first place. The developers are also concerned about data security and have developed safeguards for this.

Braintree Pricing

Using Braintree can cost you 2.59% + $.49 per transaction. A verified charitable 501 (c)(3) institution only needs to pay up to 1.99% + $499 per transaction. There is an additional 1% fee for each non-USD currency transaction.  

For clients with American Express accounts, transaction costs start at $0.15 per transaction.

Braintree Awards

On July 4th, 2020 Braintree received an award for the LS Retail Diamond and LS one gold partner for 2020.

LS Retail is the major comprehensive business management software provider for retail and hospitality organizations worldwide. The company has grown significantly in the previous two decades, providing scalable tools to simplify complex tasks. The company supports the operational necessities of retailers and restaurateurs across 88 countries.

This award is Braintree’s biggest achievement, and it’s often awarded to companies dedicated to LS retail solutions.

Braintree is currently the top Microsoft solution with more than 10 years of successful implementations.

The Bottom Line

Braintree is a digital tool designed to help you manage online transactions more easily. Managing these transactions can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when you’re doing it manually. The tool is designed to handle complex transactions to save you time while promoting efficiency.