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Modern businesses need effective time tracking, billing, and management software to cope with the ever-growing competition. Apart from helping them manage stiff competition, these tools increase productivity and efficiency and save time. BigTime software is a good example of these tools. Among many other reviews, Rich Craig mentioned that the software has massively contributed to their firm’s growth. BigTime software is designed to meet the requirement of IT service companies and enhances productivity.  

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Software Overview

BigTime is digital software that allows organizations to optimize time and maximize profitability. Through the tool, businesses can streamline available activities through one platform. It is SaaS-based and designed for the professional service industries. The tool is used in accounting, engineering, consulting, and government contracting. Additionally, it allows the organization to optimize time and increase profitability. Additionally, using some features, employees can track some time and expenses. The software also helps employees manage their digital resources to ensure everything runs smoothly. The developers designed the tool to meet requirements and important requirements. The software can track up to $2B in client fees annually.

BigTime software was developed by BigTime Software, Inc. The firm is dedicated to creating practice management tools to ease various business operations. It’s among the top-leading industry-specific solutions that communicate the language of consultants of different stripes.

Benefits of Using BigTime

Improved Workflow

BigTime software also features a budget and task management tool. You can create tasks for each project and allocate hourly rates, fees, and expense budgets. It features a Gantt chart, allowing you to create, see and update project timelines and deliverables. Other features include review processes and project time & expenses approval, due date tracking, and workflow management. It also features resource allocation and project staffing tools to provide information regarding the available team members and the amount of time to allocate to each.

Builds Teamwork

What makes BigTime software reliable is its consistent availability. The tool allows employees to finish their tasks quickly without delays in response.

Increased Productivity

Another aspect that makes BigTime software reliable is its consistent availability. The tool allows employees to finish their tasks quickly without delay in response.

Product Features

The following are some of BigTime’s incredible features:

BigTime software features tailor-made timesheets to display daily and weekly views. Additionally, the software features approvals and workflow, which automatically provides notification to managers and staffers. It also allows managers to correct employees’ timesheets manually. Moreover, it features security settings that limit project views to capture key information. It also includes other features like DCAA timekeeping requirements and smart lookup fields. Through integrated expense tracking, you can easily link the expenses to an internal project. Besides, it has other features, including expense reporting approval workflows, credit card charge capture, and flexible invoicing option expenses.

BigTime Software includes billing and invoicing features, allowing you to set flexible billing rates and tailor-made templates, including logo, address, organization colors, etc. You can bill in several ways, including time and material, multiple fixed fee billing at milestons or percent complete, and more. With reporting tool, you can easily develop a customized report. Additionally, the tool has permission-based viewing and exporting tools, allowing to export in a different format – excel, word or PDF. Through mobile apps or android platforms, you can easily track time and expenses on the go. The tool also features offline functionality, allowing you to work until an auto-sync connection is reached. BigTime software is compatible with Salesforce, QuickBooks, Slack, Google Apps SSO, Zappier, and Lacerte. And the most interesting part of it is that users can benefit from training and professional service.

BigTime software features various methods to capture receipts virtually to develop expenses report entries. The methods include mobile photos, desktop, drag & drop, etc.

The software has a reimbursement functionality to help staff members link their bank accounts with the payroll system.

BigTime software eases the expenses entry into other currencies and converts to expense report currency.

According to various reviews, BigTime software allows users to view and transact businesses using the same content in several languages and currencies.

According to various online verified reviews, the software allows employees to monitor the major performance indicators or baseline assessment through the project lifecycle.

BigTime software can automatically generate invoices at defined time intervals.

BigTime Pricing

BigTime has three monthly subscription options.


$ 10 / Month

No more than 5 users. Multiple paid plans include time tracking, mobile access with auto sync, QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop integration, dashboard, daily/weekly timesheet views, unlimited timers, custom report wizard, unlimited clients, and transactions chat and email support, along with software auto-update.


$ 30 / Month

Not less than 5 users. The pro plan includes all express plan features. Additionally, it has budget tracking, expense tracking, Gantt charts, unlimited user-defined invoice types, etc.


$ 40 / Month

Not less than 10 users. Premier plans include resource allocation, revenue projections, variable cost rates, and other digital tools. Additionally, users can enjoy a 14-day trial period.

BigTime Awards

In 2021, BigTime software was rewarded and recognized as the leading cloud-based software with exemplary services. The software has been named among the top 100 small businesses in 2020/2021 best of small business awards. On the list, the developers were ranked 75th.

The Bottom Line

BigTime Software is an a3ward winning digital tool designed to smoothen business operations. Many reviews prove the authenticity of the software. The tool has incredible features at favorable prices. Additionally, it is easy-to-use software and doesn’t need technical skills. The tool is developed by a firm committed to creating reliable tools. And what is more interesting, users can enjoy a free trial for a particular period.