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Bank2CSV Software

Business owners need a straightforward and efficient solution to convert various transaction files into CSV. Tools such as Bank2CSV are an important solution in this use case and can often support up to 8 formats. Bank2CSV can convert OFX, QFX, QIF, QBO, OFC, etc., into CSV.

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Software Overview

Bank2CSV is an advanced free trial accounting software. The tool is available in English, French, Persian, Russian, and Spanish. The platform was last updated on 5th June 2022. It is compatible with windows and window-mobile. Bank2CSV software was developed by ProperSoft, and the latest released version is The version has an Enrage rating of 5.0.

The tool features a user-friendly interface, making it easy to operate. You only need to point to the file source. You can review any file through the platform and ensure that it’s the one you want. You can then save it in CSV format.

Benefits of Using Bank2CSV

Extract transactions from PDF, OFX, QBO, and QIF Files

PDF files are perfect for printing and achieving statements. These files let you view and print transactions with ease. PDF files don't work with spreadsheets or accounting tools like QuickBooks, Quicken, or Xero. Bank2CSV is designed to select transaction details only. OFX, QFX, QBO, and QIF can help store transaction details and import them into accounting tools. Most accounting products prefer these formats as they have only one way to store transaction details. However, these formats are not ideal for human beings to view, read or work with.

Reformat CSV/ Excel files into Specific Layouts

Various CSV files, such as PayPal transaction downloads and Stripe transactions export, have several columns to work with. Details such as date, amount, description, and check number often have additional details. When you try to import such CSV files into other accounting software, the tool will decline the import process. Bank2CSV software can help you extract the needed transaction details and develop a new CSV file to import into a given account that needs a certain CSV format.

Import Bank Transaction Files into Excel

The accounting downloads in online banking sites are in PDF, QIF, OFX, and QBO formats. These files can only be opened in Excel through the Bank2CSV converter.

Quick Installation and Straightforward GUI

The program takes less time and effort to set up than other alternatives. The tool also features a classical and intuitive interface, allowing members to communicate easily.

Output and Input Configuration

The tool lets users specify the source file at startup. This provides a clear view of all transactions, categories, memorized items, and source data. Regarding program settings, the tool lets you choose the QIF date format for the input file. Additionally, you can modify output options in terms of currency, shares, date format, and more. The solution allows you to convert and save the file in CSV format by selecting the output directory and the file's name.

Product Features

The following are some of Bank2CSV’s incredible features:

The tool has two-factor authentication to add an extra security layer to the authentication process. This prevents hackers from accessing users’ accounts. When a user’s account is hacked, the password alone cannot pass the authentication process.  

The accounts receivable feature lets clients purchase their items on credit. The feature represents the money due to the organization in the short term.

The tool features a balance sheet system, which includes details regarding the organization’s assets and liabilities. The system includes short-term and long-term assets.

The tool has a contact management system to help users import and export contact details. The platform helps gather information from multiple sources.

This functionality allows users to organize their sales and customer information, making them manageable.   

The functionality delivers a real-time export of raw data such as feature flag requests, analytic events, custom events, experimentation events, etc.

The software features a data visualization solution to let users graphically represent information and data. The solution provides elements such as charts, graphs, and maps, making it easy to understand trends and data patterns.

Bank2CSV Pricing

The standard price of Bank2CSV software is $59 per month. However, the vendor can provide custom quotes depending on the organization’s needs.

Bank2CSV Awards

Bank2CSV software has not won any awards recently. However, the tool has an average score of 72/100 in the accounting category. The score is based on various user satisfaction.

The Bottom Line

Bank2CSV software is an effective tool to help you save files in CSV formats. Using various inbuilt features, you can convert nearly any file format into CSV.