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Asana Software

Project management is essential for business growth. It helps an organization track and manages its projects to meet its goals. Furthermore, it helps one keep the work and tasks synchronized and organized. Asana software comes in handy when it’s time to deal with project management.

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Software Overview

Asana is software that helps organizations manage their tasks and projects through the web. This software can help you plan your projects and meet your deadlines. Asana can also help you gauge your project’s progress and keep things on track automatically. Asana software has several features that help an organization run smoothly. The software also offers a 50% discount on non-profit organizations. In addition, it has various pricing plans that can be paid monthly or annually. The plans range from basic to business, with each successive plan offering more than the last one.

Benefits of Using Asana

Organized Work

Asana has several features that can keep your projects and tasks organized for easy access. The features also help enhance efficiency and eradicate confusion.

Enhanced Communication

Asana can enhance communication between team members. Effective communication allows the team to improve collaboration and efficiently deliver work.

Share Status Updates with Stakeholders

This software lets you share the project's status with stakeholders for follow-up and approval. As a result, everyone can get updates efficiently.

Increases Accountability

Asana has special features that enable you to see which team member is working on what. You can see each team member's workload to avoid overburdening one member. When each member has specific delegated tasks, you can easily follow up on how they are progressing with each project and enhance accountability.

Enhanced Collaboration

You can easily collaborate and integrate with other applications using Asana. With integrations, you can sync your data automatically and track them.

Planning and Efficiency

Asana software has a calendar view to help you plan your projects and tasks. You can also view all deadlines in one place to help you plan more efficiently and meet your goals.

Product Features

The following are some of Asana’s incredible features:

This feature allows you to easily follow up on your work in the entire organization. You can manage and prioritize your daily work and projects. You can also get an overview of your team members’ schedules and the progress of each project. Asana helps you view the lists of tasks in the calendar and check when work is due to avoid late delivery.

Asana helps you manage and run your projects with ease. Your projects can be easily managed by breaking them into tasks and subtasks. You can also view your milestones and check if your projects are progressing well. This feature also enables you to assign tasks to team members and group the tasks to stay organized. Through the project management feature, you can set the project deadlines to be completed.

Asana has a communication tool feature that helps team members communicate the progress of tasks and projects. Teammates can stay connected by highlighting what needs to be done on the projects. Other teammates can be added to the conversation to discuss the projects and tasks.

Settings can be adjusted to ensure teammates have access to the relevant information. Teams can also be created depending on the department, project involvement, or functions. You can also add your clients to help them follow up on the project’s progress. Controlled privacy and permissions can be enhanced through access limitations to sensitive information or projects. Through admin controls, you can prevent project changes.

The size of your organization should not hinder its success. Asana offers customer service and support teams that can help answer customers’ questions and improve workflows.

Asana’s integration feature can help you connect with your desired tools to sync data and easily track your work.

Asana lets you track your projects and tasks wherever you are. You can access the software on a desktop or mobile phone. You can also create projects and tasks. Thanks to this versatility, you can communicate with team members and receive updates on the projects.

Asana Pricing

Asana has three plans in form of both monthly and yearly subscriptions.


$ 0 / Month

Ideal for new businesses.


$ 13.49 / Month

Or US$10.99 a month when billed annually.


$ 30.49 / Month

Or US$24.99 a month when billed annually.

Asana Awards

  • Best Growth Marketing Community in the 2022 CMX Awards
  • #9 on the 2021 Best Workplaces for Women
  • Top 15 Best Places to Work in 2021 by Glassdoor
  • Best Company for Women 2019

The Bottom Line

Asana is an award-winning tool with several incredible features. The tool simplifies complexity in project management to save your precious time. With this software, you can easily track your projects and ensure maximum efficiency in meeting your goals.