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Allegra is a project management software solution designed to streamline project management processes. This tool can assist you in managing all aspects of a project from start to finish. With Allegra, you can assign tasks, delegate resources, track progress, and provide real-time updates to keep teams on track.

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Software Overview

The software includes powerful project and portfolio management tools to provide an overview of the entire project. As such, you can identify any potential issues on time. Furthermore, it has built-in project tracking and reporting capabilities.

Allegra also integrates with some of the leading third-party task management and file-sharing applications such as Trello, Dropbox, and Google Drive. All of these features come together to make this tool one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly project management solutions. 

Benefits of Using Allegra


This tool offers visibility and transparency into project progress. You can easily monitor the progress of your members and the overall progress of the project. This can facilitate communication and collaboration between members, as well as help you stay on top of their projects.


It is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the software to individual needs. From task management to resource planning, this platform can adapt to meet the unique demands of each project.

Powerful Analytics

This management tool provides powerful analytics and reporting tools to help project managers better understand project performance. You can generate reports with just a few clicks. Not to mention, you can use it to monitor progress, identify problem areas, and forecast future goals.

Collaboration Tools

It enables you to collaborate with your members, as well as with other departments, in real time. It also allows you to assign tasks, track performance, provide feedback, and review documentation, all within the same platform.

Streamlined Project Management

It offers a streamlined project management system, allowing you to quickly track, manage, and monitor projects in one central system. This eliminates the need for multiple apps and spreadsheets to track project progress.

Product Features

The following are some of Allegra’s incredible features:

It includes time-tracking features that allow you to easily track the time your team spends on tasks and projects. This feature can be used to create accurate project plans and budget estimates.

It allows you to easily manage tasks and assign them to team members. Tasks can be broken down into subtasks, and you can assign due dates and priority levels to tasks.

Allegra includes powerful reporting features that provide real-time project status and performance information. This allows you to quickly identify potential problems and take corrective action.

Allegra makes it easy for you to collaborate and communicate on projects. It includes a range of features that make it easy to share files and documents with your team. You can also discuss project progress and provide feedback.

Allegra allows you to easily manage resources and budgets for your projects. With this feature, you can create estimates, manage costs, and track progress.

How it works:

Managing several projects can be a demanding job. It’s even more overwhelming if you are working with a team. There’s a lot to factor in, including meeting deadlines, ensuring there’s collaboration, and most importantly, ensuring the project is a success. With a project like Allegra, you can put your worries to rest.

Based on the clouds, it’s the right solution for your business. It’s suitable for both small and medium-sized businesses. And if you are scaling, it will still come in handy. This tool will assist you to manage your projects and their resources efficiently. Coming with tracking and reporting features you can make sure the projects are completed before the deadline. It also has a calendar that grants you an overview of all the active projects in your company.

With this intel, you can identify those that are urgent and push for them to get completed on time. Supporting multiple integrations like Slack and Google Calendar, you can enhance your experience anytime. And last but not least, this platform supports collaboration. Therefore, your task force or teammates will be able to work together comfortably.

Allegra Pricing

Allegra is built for all sizes of teams. It has cloud hosting and comes with a two-week free trial. Here are the standard plans:


40 / Month

• 1 to 5 users • Standard support • Reporting engine • Gitlab integrations • Custom masks and fields • Workflow engine • Kanban/ Scrum full • Issue tracking


90 / Month

• 1 to 10 users • Premium support • Accounts and cost centers • Item hierarchies • Project portfolios • Sub-projects • All features in standard


150 / Month

• 1 to 5 years • Premium support • Project archiving • Helpdesk functionality • Gantt planning • Resource planning • Wiki/document management • All features of a professional plan

Allegra Awards

  • Happiest Users
  • Trusted Vendors
  • Leading in 2017 among social media software
  • Leading in 2020 among social media software
  • Leading in 2021amomg social media software
  • Leading in 2022 among social media software

The Bottom Line

If you need project management software to help you keep up with your business projects, look no further. Allegra is the ideal tool for your business. It’s a vibrant cloud-based project management solution fit for all types of businesses. Thus, whether your business is a start-up, medium, or large-size business, it’s the right tool for you. It offers a range of customizations including integrations to ensure you have the best user experience.

With calendar view, analytics, and tracking, completing your projects on time won’t be a challenge anymore. Not to mention, it’s the best tool for collaboration, especially if you are working as a team on projects. So, get it today and give your business the nudge it needs to grow.