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The 7 Best Apps to Learn English for Free

If you are looking for another alternative such as a game or an application to learn English that is effective and fun at the same time, this article will be useful for you.

What are the best apps to learn English?


Duolingo is an app that has gained popularity over the years in the language learning market. It is a completely free platform and introduces you to English in a playful way, broken down into short grammar or vocabulary lessons.

When connecting for the first time on this language platform, you must create an account or log in using your Facebook or Google account. They ask you what motivates you to learn a language like English (tourism, culture, studies, opportunities, mental exercise, etc.), we present you with the course summary to then select the frequency with which you want to work on your English. Choose if you are going to start from scratch or check your level of English.

The language levels are divided into different lessons and basically focus on vocabulary memorization and repetition. At the end of each level, there is a practice test that you must complete in order to advance. Also, when you start a level, you are asked to choose your pace of work. It can go from 5 minutes a day to 20 minutes a day.


It is a language learning platform that has gained popularity in recent years. It is an excellent ally to learn English, it teaches you through explanations, vocabulary and interactive exercises. The biggest attraction of this application is that the lessons are detailed and complement each other, in this way, you put into practice the words you learned.

Each lesson has the translation of the exercise you did and includes variations of the word or phrases, images, and whether it is formal or informal. If it asks you to delete a phrase, the lyrics are included.

One last thing, remember, what works for you may not work for others. And just like everything else, these apps are only useful if you use them the right way.


Busuu is one of the best English apps available today and highly recommended for learning English vocabulary and words from scratch. The Busuu lessons will help you work on the different language skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and Vocabulary).

Plus, it’s one of the few English learning apps that works offline, allowing you to practice and discover new English words anywhere, anytime. For free you can have access to some lessons.


Memrise is an excellent ally if you are looking to improve the Speaking part in English. The different exercises and activities are created by other members of the Memrise community. This application offers you short videos in English in which local people say different phrases in conversation.

In order to subscribe you must first choose a language, you can choose between UK English or US English. Second, you must choose your level; In this part you have the option to start from scratch or choose a certain course according to your interests. Third, you must create an account with all your personal data and finally, all you have to do is start practicing your English vocabulary, for example.

From the first lesson you will be able to listen to the English accent with words and their pronunciation by native english speakers, they also show you the literal translation of the phrase and explain its use depending on the context. The app also helps you detect language patterns to make it easier to improve your English skills.

Some lessons, for example English vocabulary, are available for free, but if you want to be able to access all the Memrise tools, you have to pay.

Rosetta Stone

It is the most versatile application on the market. It offers you the option to learn English words with native speakers, expand your vocabulary, perfect your grammar, and improve your basic English reading and writing skills. It includes pronunciation lessons so you can improve your accent in English, it also gives you the option to download audio files to practice offline.

Unlike other online applications to learn languages, Rosetta Stone avoids going through your native language to translate or explain an exercise, that is, it immerses you directly in the English-speaking world.

Rosetta Stone has several subscription options, three months, one year, and even an unlimited subscription. It is up to you which plan you choose.

Wibbu English

Wibbu English is an application aimed at Spanish speakers who want to learn or improve in English. The great novelty with this application is that it is based on the mistakes that Spanish-speaking people usually make. Through audios in English, sentence construction exercises, translations, repetitions, and vocabulary reviews, you can improve your level of English anytime, anywhere.


It is an application and web page that presents several resources to guide your study. In the app version, you will find recommendations such as English audiobooks and dictionaries, playful activities such as games to put acquired knowledge into practice, or even grammar cards that summarize the theoretical content.

Advantages and disadvantages of learning English through an application

As you well know, any learning method you use always has its good and bad, here are the advantages and disadvantages of online applications.

The benefits of apps

  • They are perfect for beginners: it is a great way to gain confidence in English. You can learn the word bases and keep progressing.
  • They work as a complement to other language learning methods.
  • They help you expand your knowledge and vocabulary about English
  • They are flexible: it is you who decides how many times a day you want to practice.
  • You can create personalized learning plans: in some applications, you can define your goals and your calendar. For example, if your objective is to learn English for the development of your profession.
  • They allow you to learn English by playing: The interface of many applications is colorful and they present the words and activities as a game in which you pass the level and get a reward.
  • Practice anywhere: Being online applications you can train while you are on the subway, watching TV or just lying on your bed.
  • They are cheaper if you compare it with a course in a language center or a private teacher.

The downsides of apps

  • They do not cover all your needs: In some situations, you are looking for an application to work on a specific topic, or specific words, but sometimes you realize that it was not what you were looking for.
  • You cannot choose the exercises that you want to work on: In some applications, you must first complete certain units on topics that you already handle, to later be able to access those activities that you do not master and, above all, that interest you.
  • They do not replace a course: for example, an English course for business or for the tourism sector. What you learn are general aspects of the language, words and they do not focus on a specific area.
  • You don’t learn in context: have you ever entered a hardware store and seen a bunch of screws, but you don’t know how to use them. The same goes for these apps. They show you a lot of certain phrases, words or vocabulary, but the lack of context makes it difficult for us to learn them.

As you well know, there are different ways to learn English, it doesn’t always have to be through a traditional method or by reading a bunch of difficult English books.

How to learn English online?

Learning English on your own is not always easy. In order not to lose motivation, follow the following tips:

  • Be clear about your goal when learning English online.
  • Be constant. Do not think that by practicing one day yes, another day no, you are going to learn English overnight. You must dedicate time to your English course and learning words and vocabulary.
  • Find the learning method that suits you. For example, if you’re a visual person, practice with an app that uses visual methods.
  • Set study goals.
  • Be self-taught. You must have the ability to work on your own, without the need to have someone behind you reminding you what to do.
  • Avoid distractions. While you’re practicing, cut out social media and any potentially distracting elements.
  • Use all the tools at your disposal. By choosing to learn English online, for example with an app, you have the advantage that you will find multiple study tools that will help you complete your learning. Don’t limit yourself to just one and explore everything online apps have to offer.


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