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5 Tips to Improve the Design of Your Website

The design of your web page is essential so that you can position your SME on the Internet, since it will help you to get more customers to know you, see what you do with your company and you can make more sales.

For your site to be effective, it is important that it is authentic and coherent in its contents, that is, that it maintains the same style in all the elements that you will add to convey the message or make your brand known, from the written format, the colors and the photographs.

Here are some important techniques to design or improve your web page:

1. Integrate a definition of what your brand does

Websites that seek to sell or promote must clearly express the advantages of acquiring that product or service. And to achieve this successfully, you must tell your visitors what you do and how you differ from the SMEs in the field.

Consider a tab such as “Get to know our company” or “Who we are”, which explains, in less than two paragraphs, what your business consists of, what you offer and what your brand represents. This will help you achieve credibility with your customers.

2. Create harmony using colors

Colors account for 85% of the importance in the purchase decision, according to a study by Color Marketing Group. For this reason, most advertisements represent a strong component behind this strategy, since they influence feelings and also the behavior of people: they can make you feel rushed, calm, happy and uncomfortable.

If the goal of your website is to sell, then consider the following colors:

  • Red: it is related to attractive aromas, brands with a strong character, customers who prefer it are more dynamic and extroverted.
  • Yellow: Clients who choose yellow tend to be intellectual. It is also recognized that this color radiates warmth and inspiration. It is recommended to announce news or offers.
  • Blue: It is the favorite of many companies because it suggests responsibility and inspires confidence. The darkest blues imply authenticity, security, fidelity and dignity.
  • Violet: this color has an impact on the perfume industry and exclusive or luxury items. It is also associated with transformation and technological development. In addition, this year it was chosen by Pantone as the tone of 2018, because it communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking.
  • Turquoise and white: they are related to beauty and femininity products, also with aromas of freshness and cleanliness.

3. Place the important thing on the left side

The first rule of web design is to place the most valuable information on the left side of the page. This is because most people read from left to right, so when opening a website where their eyes first focus is on the upper left corner.

In that location you must put the logo of your company and a menu with the main offers or featured products. Making sure that the main information is always at the top of the page.

4. Optimize the use of images

The use of photographs is a necessary resource to keep the attention of customers and also show that your product or service is real. To use them correctly keep in mind:

The resolution: if you use large photos you will make your web page work slower. So you should check what is the number of pixels that the site recommends, it is advisable not to exceed 800 pixels in width, if you use WordPress the size will be automatically resized.

The format: there are three types and each one has a different use. For example, JPG supports 16.7 million colors (24 bits) and is best suited for uploading photos; PNG is ideal for grayscale (8-bit) images and for photos to be compressed without losing quality; GIF is for small images, animations, or if the photo has strong color contrasts.

5. Rank using different font sizes

Typography is very important because it will help you create hierarchies, this means that through the different sizes and types of letters you will be able to point out to your clients what is the first thing they should review or what is the best that you offer.

You can use bold to highlight a product or increase the size of the prices that are on sale. Thus the website content is not monotonous in view of the users and you will help them to follow a path on your web page.


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