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10 Must-Have Windows Apps and Software for Any New PC

Congratulations on your new supercool PC! Whoa, look at the gleam of pride in your eyes; worth all the hassle. Hoping you’ve planned the necessary apps and softwares that you want to put in your PC, here’s a list of the top 10 must-have Windows apps and software for any new PC:

Google Chrome for hassle-free Internet browsing:

Google Chrome remains the top contender for the must-have Windows apps due to its user-friendliness and possibly containing the most significant browser extensions. It’s pretty easy to use, intuitive and has the advantage of syncing various devices. If you have a new PC, Google Chrome is a must for you to have all the information of the world at your fingertips.

VLC Media Player that plays your thrillers but no popcorn:

Due to the many tasks, the software makes possible for the user, VLC Media Player is one of the most used media players. Apart from downloaded video files, it can also play downloaded audio files. It helps open these in multiple formats and optimize viewing for the user. With updates, one can even stream media on it!

Spotify for streaming and dancing to the latest groovy beats:

Spotify was an instant hit amongst the masses on its debut in India in 2015. An incredibly great app for all devices, the user interface is unlike any and lets the user stream songs and music from all parts of the world. While some songs may be unavailable due to geographic restraints, the pesky advertisements can be removed by availing the Premium Version!

Steam to create, play and discuss everything games:

Steam isn’t unfamiliar if you are a gamer and enthusiastic about gaming. This app allows downloading all the games you had set your eyes on. Its creator profile lets you make and release your games, and you can socialize with like-minded gamers to geek on your favorites.

Skype for having your virtual dates (platonic or otherwise!):

Almost two decades old, Skype is up and strong with the many features it keeps updating in its versions. Communicating has always been challenging and of such fine quality as Skype. With tons of filters and excellent audio and video quality, it is the go-to app for video chatting for personal and professional uses. In addition, it also has file transfer and text-speaking services available.

Nord VPN, because everyone has a secret:

With 256-bit AES encryption, NordVPN allows users to access content that has been blocked for viewership or is not available to the actual geographical location of the user. It retains the high speed of browsing and streaming regardless and ensures security without logging in user details.

ShareX, to click all the screenshots as proof:

Screenshots have become a part of everyday life, so why not also have them on your PC? The services provided include screen capture, recording, and sharing of captured and recorded content with others. It is relatively easy to use and is hassle-free after the initial setup.

7-Zip for compressing those hefty files:

7-Zip is a practical, accessible, and easy-to-use app for compressing and storing extensive data without losing any information. It relies on an internet connection to operate and performs the additional functions of a file manager.

Backblaze, to save your back with the back-ups:

For every clumsy and precautious user, Backblaze is a savior. It helps back up personal and professional data into cloud storage. It is relatively cheaper than its contenders and ensures all the security and safe storage.

Malwarebytes for protecting the precious haven in your PC:

While the recent Windows versions come with an in-built antivirus, Malwarebytes is a good antivirus option to strengthen security. It scans the system for potential antiviruses that might miss the hook of Windows Defender, and the overall protection provided by the Premium version boosts it even further.

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Overall, it is essential that the apps and software downloaded suit you and your needs. There are multiple variants of similar softwares and applications available, and you must do proper and thorough research to know which suits your requirements better. Always download them from reliable and secure sources to avoid harm to your PC. Again, congratulations on your new setup!


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